Win a Ragamuffin Documentary Session

Win a Ragamuffin Documentary Session (valued at $950) and Keepsake Album ($1850). It's a full day-in-a-life, photojournalistic journal of your family, your home and your life. These unposed sessions start with breakfast and ends after a day full of all things that make your family happy. [Session will be booked in early January. Please note that digital files and prints are not included.]

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2014 Ragamuffin of the Year Competition

It's been an incredible year, one that zoomed by with wagging tails and scruffy butts galore! I lost my Misty, bought our home (survived renovating it), got engaged with my gorgeous highschool sweetheart and published the Tails of Melbourne book. Through it all, I've met 85 different families who absolutely adore their furries. From Albert the Frenchie to Zac the Schnauzer, their families are the amazing clients who I am honoured to call my friends. They have allowed me to live my dream and supported this happy little business and I am unbelievably grateful. So as a way to say THANK YOU!!!, I'm introducing the 2014 Ragamuffin of the Year Competition. The winner gets a $500 Voucher - put it towards your payment plan, buy yourself extra goodies, another session, gift voucher(s!) for your friends - you can spend it however you fancy.

How to Vote?

Leave a comment below telling me what you love most about the photo you are voting for and the name(s) of the pets that you are voting for. The names are written below each photo (comments that don’t have both of these things will not be counted). The family whose photo gets the most votes will win the big prize!

Voting ends at 8pm on Monday 5th January 2015. Winners will be announced as soon as votes are counted.

Thanks again for all your support - bring on 2015!!!

Click here to leave your comment/vote



Alice and Mali


Andre and Zoe

Archie Saunders

Archie Spackman

Aston and Lucy

Atlas and Wally


Azra, Sedrick and Grayson



Bear and Mahli

Bella and Roam

Benji and Mitzy





Bruce, Sam and Charlie

Buddy and Devil

Buddy, Ludo and Ember

Butch and Cheeka




Charlie and Samara






Destrii and Wolsey



Ellie, Tuza and Lewis



Georgie and Piper


Harvey and Millie

Honey Weiselmann

Honey and Winston





Jas and Cleaver

Jasmine and Benson



Kobe Ellison

Kobe Poll

Koda and Herbie



Luke and Chloe

Maggie, Molly, Teal and Berry

Millie Davies

Maisy and Milly

Milo and Mia

Milo Su

Mischief and Pixie

Molly and Duke

Nala and Hunter

Nala Hampton

Nari and Pepi


Pearl and Prada

Pearl and Preston

Rambo, Maggie and Jazzy

Rambo Crooke

Ripper and Pepper




Smudge, Molly and Willow

Sophie and Molly




Willow and Max

Stella Santinon



Order Tails of Melbourne

tails-of-melbourne-email Tails of Melbourne Herald SunThere’s something about Melbourne. I moved here 5 years ago, and promptly fell head over heels in love with the vibrant, gritty, friendly, artsy city. It’s a city built for the people who live here. Laneways bursting with colour, the best cafés hidden down side streets, leafy parks for lazy picnics, suburbs that whisper stories of our history and architecture that screams hey! we’re Melbourne, we’re a little weird and we don’t care!

So how to combine a fascination for our city, with a love for dogs and for beautiful photography?

Introducing Tails of Melbourne, a limited edition, fine art photography book. A celebration of the wonderful dogs who live in and around Melbourne. I have spent the last twelve months pouring my heart and soul into photographing, designing and producing this book and I'm so excited that they are finally ready to order!

Click here to Order

 About the Artist:

Caitlin McColl - Pet Photographer

Caitlin McColl is the award-winning artist behind Ragamuffin Pet Photography. She specialises in fine art pet portraiture with a natural approach, working with pet lovers all around Melbourne and Victoria to photograph their awesome dogs. If you are interested in having your furry photographed by Caitlin, you can enquire online here.


Order Your Copy: Tails of Melbourne

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Mother's Day Special

mothers-day-special Does your Mum adore about her furry family? This Mother's Day, surprise her with the ultimate gift - beautiful photographs that capture everything she loves about her furry family!

What's Included?

  • Gift Voucher for a photoshoot for 1-2 pets*
  • 25 artist-selected proofs to choose from
  • Unlimited time and expert pet handling skills to patiently bring out the best in her furry family
  • Free Facebook/Web pictures for any images that are ordered


  • FREE $100 Print Voucher


  • FREE Mother's Day Gift Bag full of dog-loving treats & goodies



Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.40.58 pmScreen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.41.29 pmScreen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.42.05 pm


Now on sale for $225

Total value of $410 - Save $185!

Strictly limited to 10 packages



Dog Lovers Show Prize

My girl has been eyeing off the amazing prize that Ragamuffin Photography and Countrywide Cottages have put together for the Dog Lovers Show. Worth over $1800, including a photoshoot AND a four days accommodation for 8 people at Lyra's FAVOURITE dog-friendly getaway, this is an exciting one! Stay tuned for more details and for your chance to win a double pass to the show!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers ~ 2013

'Tis the season! Your guide to the Top 10 Ragamuffin gift ideas for your animal loving friends and family, from weekend getaways to cute stocking fillers . . . Gift Vouchers and Stocking Fillers. . . 

  1. Standard Ragamuffin Session Gift Voucher with Bonus Free Print Credit ($250)
  2. Sleep and Smile Package - doggy getaway at Countrywide Cottages with Ragamuffin Photoshoot (from $415)
  3. Melbourne Dogs Book Ragamuffin Minisession Voucher ($90)
  4. Gourmet Pawprints Doggy Daytrip - with Ragamuffin Adventure Session ($215)
  5. Superdogs 2014 Calendar - Dogs for Kids with Disabilities ($25)
  6. Pets Haven Foundation 2014 Calendar ($20)
  7. Christmas Cards - Dogs for Kids with Disabilities ($9.80)
  8. Goodwill Wine - Maneki Neko Cat Rescue (from $12)
  9. Goodwill Wine - The Mark's Ark (from $12)
  10. Spottybox (from $14.50 with special Ragamuffin Coupon Code)


Pet Photography Gift Voucher

Free $100 Print Credit added to any gift vouchers purchased for Standard Ragamuffin Photoshoots - perfect for Christmas!

Ragamuffin Photoshoot Gift Voucher

$250 Session Fee with Free $100 Print Credit

  • Session for 1-2 pets
  • No time limits
  • 25 artist-selected proofs to choose from
  • 1-2 locations (home, beach, park, city!)
  • Viewing & Design Consultation
  • Free Facebook photos for any ordered images
  • $25 donation to charity



Holiday Photography Package

What happens when you combine a gorgeous cottage tucked away in the Otways, one of Australia’s finest pet photographers and your own furry family? The ultimate getaway for all dog lovers!

Sleep and Smile Package Voucher

Package starts at $415 (prices depend on the days/accommodation that you book)

  • Countrywide Cottages is located in the Aussie bushland of Bambra, 25 minutes north of Lorne and under 2 hours from Melbourne
  • Accommodation at the 5 Paw Rated Countrywide Cottages (click here to see the four pet friendly cottage options).
  • Welcome local wine and chocolates from Dinny Goonan Wines and G.O.R.G.E chocolates, home made human bickies and bird seed to entice the native birds to your verandah.
  • Cosy dog bed, blankets, bowls and home made doggie treats set up inside for your dog/s.
  • 1 – 2 hour photography session for you and your dog/s in the beautiful bushland setting surrounding Countrywide Cottages
  • 12 midday check out where available
  • Ordering Appointment to help you decide on your images (choose from 25 artist-selected proofs)
  • $100 voucher towards the printing of your beautiful new photos




Melbourne Dogs Book

Be a part of Melbourne Dogs, the first in a series of limited edition, hardcover coffee table books. Registrations are open to pooches of all sizes, ages and levels of fluffitude, but they are going quick!

Melbourne Dogs Minisession Voucher

$90 Voucher  - 50% donated to charity. 

Sessions are located in awesome areas all around Melbourne. Prints will be available for purchase afterwards and the books will be on sale for $190.



Gourmet Pawprints

Indulge with your dog on a Gourmet Pawprints Doggy Day trip. Food, wine, photography and nature ~ total perfection!

Gourmet Pawprints Doggy Day Trip Voucher

1 Adult + 1 Dog ticket with Adventure Photosession = $215

  • Gourmet 2-course lunch
  • Premium Vineyard tastings
  • Photography at FIVE different locations (hence the "Adventure Session!") Sandridge Beach, Lilydale Lake, St Huberts Winery at the Yarra Valley, the Domaine Chandon estate and Train Trak!
  • Complimentary Viewing & Design Appointment with 10 proofs to help you choose from our beautiful prints and albums



Superdogs Calendar

Dogs for Kids with Disabilities ~ Superdogs  2014 Calendar

$25 - photography by Ragamuffin Pet Photography



Pets Haven Calendar

Pets Haven Foundation 2014 Calendar

$20 - photography donated by Ragamuffin Pet Photography



Christmas Cards

Dogs for Kids with Disabilities ~ Christmas Cards

$9.80 - Pack of 8 cards ~ photography and design by Ragamuffin Pet Photography




Maneki Neko Wine

Maneki Neko Cat Rescue ~ Goodwill Fundraising Wine

From $12/bottle ~ photography donated by Ragamuffin Pet Photography




Screen shot 2013-11-29 at 7.37.45 PM

The Mark's Ark ~ Goodwill Fundraising Wine

From $12/bottle ~ photography donated by Ragamuffin Pet Photography





Toys, treats and other awesome products to get your pup going cuckoo!

From $29 ~ use the coupon code "ragamuffin" for 50% off your Spottybox


Aussie Bulldogs!

Thank you all for attending the fabulous Aussie Bulldogs Melbourne Funday at the beginning of October. It was such an awesome, smooshy, wrinkly day and so great to meet so many gorgeous bulldogs (and their lovely humans, of course!) Aussie bulldog puppyAustralian BulldogAussie Bulldog

If you had your furkid photographed on the day and would like to purchase prints or your pre-purchased a package, please view the proofs online and fill in the form below.

(important note: link will expire on 1st December 2013 and files will not be accessible after that).

Click here to view the proofs


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Dogs for Kids with Disabilities ~ Launch

Thank you everyone who came along to the official launch of Dogs for Kids with Disabilities at the Collingwood Children's Farm on October 4th. Such a great way to celebrate an amazing organisation and all their SUPERDOGS!


If you didn't manage to snag a 2014 Superdogs Fundraising Calendar or the DKD Christmas Cards pack (both photographed by Ragamuffin Pet Photography), you can still order both online:


2014 DKD Calendar

Photography by Ragamuffin A4 Calendar - $25 (incl. postage) buy-now-button






  DKD Christmas Card Pack

Photography and Design by Ragamuffin

Each pack contains 8 cards featuring different designs






Pet's Haven Cupcake Day 2013

I am so pleased to announce Ragamuffin Pet Photography + all you wonderful supporters raised $500 for Pet's Haven Animal Shelter at our photobooth in the 2013 Annual Cupcake Day. Congratulations everyone! To receive your 4x6" Print, please fill in the form below. To download your facebook file and print-res file, please click this link

(important note: link will expire on 1st November 2013 and files will not be accessible after that).


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Sleep & Smile ~ Countrywide Cottages Package

Holiday Photography Package The sun flickers through curtains, dancing warmly on your face and you faintly hear the trill of rosellas in the distance. You hear your dog stir briefly, then settle back into sleep. You have no where to be, no rush, no stress and you decide to take a leaf out of her furry book, burying deeper into the soft doona with a sigh.

Later in the afternoon, I arrive. There is a flurry of excitement from your furry girl - I smell of treats and I am ready to play. She dances gleefully while you lace up your boots - she's not sure what she did to deserve three walks in one day, but boy is she keen! We laugh at her silly grin and head out the door.

While we walk around the beautiful bushland, I photograph the three of you. Your love and content is almost tangible. She races ahead, leaps off tree trunks and splashes through the lake. The sun starts to set, filling your photographs with a warm, soft haze. I photograph your dog doing what she does best - being herself! We take the afternoon as it comes - I have no where to be, no rush, no stress. Back to your cottage, we light the campfire outside (toasted marshmallow, anyone?)

When your girl settles by your feet, happily exhausted, I create my last portrait for the afternoon. It sums up your weekend away perfectly - the cozy glow of the fire, the rustic bushland, you and your partner leaning against each other and in between you both, right where she belongs, is your girl.

Countrywide Cottages and Ragamuffin Pet Photography


About the Sleep & Smile Package

I am so excited to announce the new partnership between Ragamuffin Pet Photography and Countrywide Cottages!

After my family and I treated ourselves to an amazing weekend away at Countrywide, I knew that it was the ultimate photographic getaway for any dog lovers. When did live stop being so gloriously simply? Settle into your four-star, dog friendly cottage surrounded by native bush, marvel at the incredible stars, glimpse the native wildlife or just sit back and relax by the fire.

  • Countrywide Cottages is located in the Aussie bushland of Bambra, 25 minutes north of Lorne and under 2 hours from Melbourne
  • Accommodation at the 5 Paw Rated Countrywide Cottages (click here to see the four pet friendly cottage options).
  • Welcome local wine and chocolates from Dinny Goonan Wines and G.O.R.G.E chocolates, home made human bickies and bird seed to entice the native birds to your verandah.
  • Cosy dog bed, blankets, bowls and home made doggie treats set up inside for your dog/s.
  • 1 – 2 hour photography session for you and your dog/s in the beautiful bushland setting surrounding Countrywide Cottages
  • 12 midday check out where available
  • Ordering Appointment to help you decide on your images (choose from 25 artist-selected proofs)
  • $100 voucher towards the printing of your beautiful new photos

$430 value for just $250 (in addition to the normal tariff on your accommodation)

Click here to book the perfect getaway

Aussie Bulldog Funday

Aussie Bulldog Photography I am so excited that Ragamuffin has been invited to the upcoming Melbourne Funday for the Aussie Bulldog Club! I'm setting up a photobooth for all the gorgeous bulldogs who are coming along with their people!

Event Details:

Where? Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield

When? Sunday 6th October 11am - 2pm.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Click here to reserve a time slot - Only 18 Spots Available!

p.s. you can still drop by the booth if you haven't reserved a time, as I'll probably have spaces in between slots

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Packages (pay on the day):

Package One (The Chihuahua - $25): One 4x6" Print + One Social Media sharing digital file (watermarked with Ragamuffin logo)

Package Two (The Pug - $55): One 5x7" Print + Two Social Media sharing digital files

Package Three (The Labrador - $75): Two 5x7" Prints + One A4 Print + Three Social Media sharing digital files (watermarked with Ragamuffin logo)

Package Three (The Great Dane - $95): Two 5x7" Prints + Two A4 Prints + One Keytag Four Social Media sharing digital files (watermarked with Ragamuffin logo)



Can't wait to see you there!

x Caitlin

Cupcake Day ~ Pet's Haven Fundraiser

Pet photography fundraiser

I am so excited for the upcoming Furry Friends Cupcake Day, where there will be a Ragamuffin Stall and an adorable, sweet little photobooth that I've prepared especially for this event! The day is all about fundraising for the Pet's Haven Foundation, with lots of different specialty stalls (everything from face painting to a fairy wonderland - and of course plenty of cupcakes!)

Stop by for a super fun day with your family (furry or human!) - PLUS it's all for a good cause!

Event Details:

Where? Scoresby Primary School, 11 Ingrid Street, Scoresby, Victoria, Australia 3179

When? Sunday 15th September 10am - 2pm.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Click here to reserve a time slot - Only 21 6 Spots Available!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Packages (cash only on the day, 100% profits donated to Pet's Haven):

Option One - $5: One Facebook Photo (watermarked)

Option Two - $15: One Facebook Photo (watermarked) + 4x6" Print

Option Three - $20: One Facebook Photo (watermarked) + 4x6" Print + One Print-Res digital file

p.s. if you want a few different photos (e.g. you have two dogs or you want a photo of your kids and your dog together), you are welcome to purchase multiple packages

Can't wait to see you there!

x Caitlin


Pretty Fluffy Feature: Lyra's Project

Have you checked out the beautiful website relaunch of Pretty Fluffy, the ultimate resource for stylish, pet friendly living yet? If you love spoiling your pet yourself with sweet, unique pet brands, gorgeous pet photography and inspirational stories then you will thoroughly enjoy browsing the Pretty Fluffy website (I personally have been loving it for years!) I'm super excited and proud to announce that the lovely Serena Faber Nelson (founder and editor) chose to feature Lyra's Project with the relaunch of Pretty Fluffy. Click here to read the feature and be sure to leave a comment if you enjoyed it!

Pretty Fluffy Pet Photography Feature

5 Tips for Interesting Perspectives in Pet Photography

 {Plus - Featured! on the Top 10 Blog}

Ragamuffin Pet Photography has been featured in the Hair of the Dog Top 10 collection of pet photographs shot with an interesting perspective! Click here to see the whole collection, featuring some awesome pet photographers all around the world!

Perspective plays an important role in professional photography. Creatively playing with angles and depth within an image can make the difference between an average photograph and a winner. Read on for 5 tips and techniques for introducing a sense of interesting perspective in your own pet photography . . .

Perspectives in Pet Photography

Perspective in photography is technically the sense of depth or spatial relationships between objects in the photograph. For example, the distance between the kitten's paws reaching down towards the lens, to the kitten's face, right up towards the top levels of the cat tower.

1. Lens Choice

Your choice of lens and focal length can have a dramatic effect on the perception of depth within your photo. The kitten photo was shot with a 24mm focal length, which helped exaggerate the apparent distance between the top platform and our kitty.

Basically, a wide angle lens distorts both the relative size and the distance between your near and far objects. This makes anything close to your lens look big and anything further away look tiny and distant (caused by the angle of view). You can take advantage of this to create comically distorted pet portraits with the big head, little body effect with very wide angle lenses, or even a fisheye lens.

Using a wide angle lens to exaggerate perspective in pet photography

2. The Diminishing Effect

This is one of the easiest ways to create depth in your image. Essentially the diminishing effect works because our brains recognise that the same object, when placed further away, appears smaller. So if you find a pattern in your shooting environment (e.g. a long row of trees, a staircase, a brick wall - or even a cat tower) you can use that pattern to demonstrate depth and perspective within the photograph.

The Vanishing Point used for diminishing effect to show perspective and give depth in these dog portraits

3. Overlap Perspective

Ok, so this one is just common sense, but you can still use it to your advantage in your pet photography. When an object blocks or overlaps another object, our brains understand that the first object is closer than the latter (duh). For example - the kitten is clearly closer to the camera than the cat tower platforms because she overlaps them.

It's simple, but when you combine the concept of overlap perspective with several of these other perspective tips then you can create a really interesting portrait.  Try intentionally overlapping objects in front of the dog or cat to create more depth in your frame.

Overlapping objects to create depth in pet photography

4. Depth of Field

Speaking of depth. Our eyes are accustomed to not being able to clearly view objects that are far away (some more so than others *adjusts her glasses*). Utilising your depth of field can emphasize the perspective within a photograph. Vary your aperture and focus in on a particular aspect of your shot (e.g. I focused on the kitty at f/2.8 and allowed both her paw and the rest of the cat tower to fall away into blurriness).

Focusing in on a particular subject within a relatively busy frame introduces a feeling of depth


5. Change your angle

I've saved the best for last - change your camera angle and your portfolio will love you for it! Far too many people photograph pets from their own eye level.  This means the animals are always looking up at the camera - it's a cute shot that emphasizes puppy-dog eyes, but it can be uninteresting because it's the same angle that we see our pets from in our day-to-day life. You can combine the angle with a couple of the other techniques mentioned in this blog post to add interest - or you can move yourself around to find a whole new perspective.

To shoot the featured kitten photograph, I was lying on my back, looking straight up at the kitty. I was balancing the camera by pressing it hard against my face, with one hand gripped on the shutter and my other hand playing with a feathered toy to grab her attention.

I spend most of my sessions crouched down in awkward positions or lying on my belly. I want to get down to the pet's level, so that I can photograph them eye-to-eye. Occasionally I will roll over on my back so that I can photograph from beneath the pet's level (side note: do not become a pet photographer if you are squeamish about getting dirty or muddy). Photographing from beneath the animal, looking up, can create either an epic-hero stance or a comic, playful pose (like the kitty).

Interesting photographs can also be achieved by photographing down from a high level (I'm not talking human-eye level, I mean something more like a bird's eye view).

Definitely play around with your angles!


Experiment with angles in your pet photography


Above all else, just experiment with your camera and don't be afraid to roll around in the leaves like a lunatic. If you've found this post interesting or useful, be sure to leave a comment below and click here to subscribe to the Ragamuffin Pet Photography newsletter.

Introducing . . . Puppy Love Sessions!

puppy photography melbourne  

I am so excited to announce the I will be officially launching a new Ragamuffin Session at the Dog Lover's Show this weekend (Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th May at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne).

Capture those goofy grins, fluffy tails and clumsy paws with a special discounted session from one of Australia's premier pet photographers. Or go the deluxe route and book three sessions to capture your puppy's first year over 12 months.

Here at Ragamuffin Pet Photography, I know that my clients want to wait until their furkid is older before investing in a full photography session. However, I also know that you don't want to miss all those adorable puppy features while they grow up too fast! My solution ~ Puppy Love Sessions! Short and sweet with the same gorgeous, earthy Ragamuffin style, Puppy Love Sessions are a must-have experience for any new furparent!

So pop by the Dog Lovers Show this weekend (click here for directions) and visit Ragamuffin Pet Photography at STALL 269 (upstairs). I'll also have a super special on for pet photography gift vouchers and Standard Ragamuffin Sessions.

See you this weekend!!!

x Caitlin

Cool Dogs ~ Keeping Buddy Cooler in the Heat

A Guest Post from Prasheel Shah, the writer behind Cool Dogs Although our scorching summer has finished, those of us living in Melbourne know that the weather is anything but predictable (and apparently it's still hot through most of Australia!). Hot days make for the perfect time to laze around in the sun with your adorable pooch. But, most of the times, we tend to forget our little one who needs a lot more care and attention in the heat.

Hot days can bring quite hazardous dangers to your dearest dog. To overcome this daunting task of pet care, especially during the hot Australian summer, you have to take little precautions. The most important rule to remember is that you should never leave your pet alone inside your car - it's far too risky ever with the windows rolled down.

Prepare a cool backyard for your pooch

We know, you must be wishing for a cool backyard when the weather is sizzling, but don’t sweat it. We have a cool plan for you and your cute little one. Now that the heatwaves have passed but the weather is still warm days, it is a great time to gel and have some fun with your pet with a cool safe setup around. Spend some quality pooch time in your own backyard or take a walk in one of the many leash-friendly reserves located around Melbourne. If you've got a green thumb, then make sure you use organic fertilizers with non toxic effects and keep your pets away from too many bugs to avoid infections (always check for ticks, especially during Summer and Early Spring, when the adults are most active).

By keeping your backyard puppy friendly, you can always add few exciting stuff to bring that twinkle in your doggy’s eyes. There are numerous of exclusive dog stuff available in the market and on line stores that includes an amazing dog mat which is completely waterless and has gel that keeps your little pup cool in the baking heat. This exciting pet technology works without electricity of water and refrigeration. All you require is this incredible cool mat for your pet. These portable mats can be used on beaches, floor and a perfect mate for your lovely newly groomed backyard.

After preparing a cool comfort zone, let’s take your dog to the fun zone in the regard, by adding some summer toys to it. There are a lot of hydro toys available for pets which are a complete combination of fun along with refreshment. These are cool chewy toys for hot burning days; it is made up of molded rubber and has foam which plays a vital role in absorbing the liquid and releasing it at the same time. It works amazingly to quench your dog’s thirst and dogs love to play with such chewy toys.

So, have fun and safe hot days with your little pooch! Stay cool!


Prasheel Shah is an author of Cool Dogs store, a premier shopping destination for stylish and modern dog products. It is an ultimate source of finding all the products meant for your loving dogs. Visit their website at for more information about dog supplies, dog collars and many more dog products.

Pet Photography Melbourne, Dog on Beach


2013 Paws for Charity

Paws for Charity Book I am so excited that I can finally share some very exciting news with you all! Ragamuffin Pet Photography has been accepted into the 2013 Paws for Charity Project. This fantastic annual project features photographs and artwork from artists around the world, with all funds raised donated to Sheltering Helpless Animals in Distress, an animal shelter in Nova Scotia, Canada.

2013 will be the fifth Art Book curated by Sara Hurley and includes portraits of dogs and cats donated by 90 different international artists and photographers. Ragamuffin Pet Photography will have three portraits published - two from client sessions (Ally and Brooklyn) and you could probably guess that my main feature portrait will star my gorgeous soul-dog Lyra!

EDIT: Paws for Charity is now available for purchase! You can buy your own gorgeous book online here:


NOTE:  Use coupon code CSVIP  for a 20% discount on your order (one time use per person, expires April 5th).

To see more awards and publications from Ragamuffin Pet Photography, click here:


Pet Photographer Melbourne

Pet Photography Fundraising Milestone

Melbourne Pet Photographer Fundraiser  

I am so excited to announce that I have reached a fundraising milestone at Ragamuffin Pet Photography! At the end of just two months of 2013, we have officially raised $1500 for Melbourne animal rescues and charities through session fees alone! You may not know, but for every pet portrait session that is booked for your cat, dog or other significant furry one, Ragamuffin Pet Photography donates $25 to an animal rescue of your choice. It's just one of my giving back strategies and I am so pleased at the results so far!

So thank you to all of my Melbourne pet photography clients - this literally wouldn't be possible without you! Click the link to read more about my efforts to give back as a pet photographer or to find out how you can use a Melbourne Pet Photographer to help fundraise click here:

Daily Dog Tag ~ Melbourne Dog Photographer

Daily Dog Tag - Pet Photographer MelbourneI am very pleased to announce that one of my favourite photos of my girl Lyra has been featured on the Daily Dog Tag. Inspired by the love of dogs, the Daily Dog Tag "focuses on professional dog photography, artful and unique products and adoptable dogs". It's one of my favourite doggy blogs to peruse in a spare moment, filled with pretty imagery and adorable products, so when the lovely Beth contacted me about featuring Lyra's portrait I was more than happy to oblige! Click here to read the full post about this dog portrait on the Daily Dog Tag and if you missed the original post from my Project 52 Series, then you can read about me and Lyra's challenge to create a pet portrait in Melbourne by clicking here.

Dog Photographer in Australia featured on the Daily Dog Tag