~ Kiba & Charlie ~ Melbourne Dog Photography

Kiba and Charlie are, I'm convinced, part teddy bear. They are two miniature labradoodles who are just adored by their furparents! Kiba is the Golden colour - he's just turned 3 and he certainly knows how cute he is. He turned it on for the camera straight away, modelling and posing like an old pro. Charlie is the baby, he just turned 1 in December. Charlie is a delicious chocolatey brown - one of his nicknames is "Chocolate Drop" (cute, ey?!) Their Mum got her Ragamuffin Session as a gift from her girlfriends for her birthday last year, because they knew she had been having trouble taking portraits of Charlie since he's such a dark colour. Ragamuffin to the rescue, heehee :)

Kiba spent a lot of the session perched on top of the family couch (a balancing act that Charlie also attempted, though I've gotta admit he didn't look quite as balanced). You can see Kiba up there in the 2nd and 3rd photos, just watching the world go by. I'd love to get in his head, he totally looks like he's daydreaming about something awesome! Probably chicken carcasses - the boys' favourite!

I was really proud about how confident Charlie was with the camera - his Mum had warned me that he can be concerned with strangers, but he did marvellously at his session. By the time I was delivering their prints (my 3rd time at the house) he was jumping up for cuddles! Cutie <3 Of course, slow and steady always wins the race when it comes to photographing shy pets. I worked with Kiba first so that Charlie could see how much fun being a furry model is!

Their humans are getting their house renovated at the moment, but hopefully when that's all finished I will post a picture of their Wall Collection. We designed it so that they would be able to add their own smaller snapshots of their cavalier who passed away before they got Charlie. I think it's going to turn into a really awesome pet wall.

So that's Kiba and Charlie - one very serious, one very dopey, both incredibly cute!

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