~ Girlie ~ Melbourne Dog Photography

Well, I couldn't possibly start blogging about everything that has been happening in my little Ragamuffin world without first bloggin about gorgeous Miss Girlie. Girlie is the sweet, stubborn little old lady who was, ladies and gentlemen, my very first Ragamuffin! I was very nervous and very excited to work with Girlie. The whole concept of pet photography was new to me  - I'd had a random epiphany just a few days before, and suddenly become overwhelmingly sure that I could, should, would be a pet photographer. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I don't really like to wait around when I have an idea. I think I had random idea that I could be a pet photographer around 6pm, and by midnight had a business name and logo designed (problem with being overexcitable: neither of these stuck. The name was borrrrrrrring ~ Natural Pet Photography ~ and the logo represented my terribly amateur attempts at design. BUT both got me motivated, so they were useful at the time). I was meeting Girlie and her Mum Emily a couple of days later :)

Girlie, believe it or not, is 18 years old! She's a Corgi X Terrier. Old age has obviously taught Girlie that she deserves exactly what she wants, whenever she wants. She spent our whole session in her own little world - I would have loved to be able to read her mind as she wandered around the park. She was clearly thinking deeply about something!

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