~ Brooklyn ~ Melbourne Dog Photography

Meet Brooklyn, a beautiful old Kelpie with a gentle heart and fur so red she looks like the love-child of a fox and a dog. Her Mum got in contact with me to organise a surprise gift session for her husband (Brooklyn is totally a Daddy's Girl).

She was a sweet, deaf ol' thing, happy to potter around her garden. Working with deaf dogs is always a nice challenge for me - I obviously can't use noise to attract their attention, so I find it super important to establish a strong relationship quickly. That way they are comfortable with me, and interested enough in what I'm doing to look at the camera. Brooklyn was won over with a mixture of soft cuddles and schmakos (a winning combination for most dogs - especially seniors!)

We had to rush-process everything, since Brooklyn's Mum wanted to give her husband Brooklyn's print on his birthday. Luckily I was able to squeeze her in just a couple of days after the initial enquiry, which meant the artwork was ready for the big celebration. I just love it when someone organises a Ragamuffin Gift Session! I like knowing that it's the sort of gift they would NEVER expect, and that it always makes them emotional and happy to get surprise gorgeous portraits of their furry best friend. I know I'm a softie, but there you go! Dog-love makes me gooey  :)

"I just wanted to let you know my husband was really surprised with the portrait of his dog Brooklyn, thanks again you did a fantastic job!!!" ~ K. Buddy, Melbourne

Find out more about Ragamuffin Sessions here, or about purchasing Ragamuffin Gift Sessions here. The most Pawsome Gift Ever hehe. Gift certificates are available, and I can also organise sneaky sessions like Brooklyn's.