I was worried that this experience was going to cost too much money. Photos of your pet feels like a bit of a luxury purchase. But the experience has been wonderful and we absolutely love the photos!

Caitlin made sure to get lots of our family all together, so we had a good selection of photos to choose from. We approached it as a family bonding experience and now have gorgeous photos of all of us together!
— Kate and Torren (& Alfie)

Caitlin is fantastic! Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she is also a lovely person who makes you & your furkid feel comfortable. She was so great with Archie - he took to her straight away and the whole experience was wonderful!

I was worried how Archie would go off lead, but Caitlin’s retouching magic meant that I didn’t have to worry! The slideshow at the Ragamuffin Studio was my favourite part of the experience - it had me in tears! The photos capture everything I love about Archie...

Caitlin really listens to what you want and the results were beyond my expectations!
I would recommend her to anyone and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.
— Kate (& Archie)

I was nervous about having Bruce photographed, because he’s anxious around strangers. But Caitlin was amazing! My favourite part of the experience was watching the slideshow for the first time - it brought a tear to my eye.

Initially, I’ll admit that I was nervous about the Ragamuffin prices. Once I saw the finished artwork, I realised that it was so worth it. Plus, Caitlin is super friendly and a great photographer who clearly know her stuff!

Thank you so much for taking some really amazing photos of Billy and Bruce. They are exactly what we wanted and the quality of all the shots was truly beautiful.
— Keti (and Billy & Bruce)

Caitlin is amazing! The experience was so much more than a ‘photoshoot’. Our biggest fear was that Comet wasn’t well trained enough to get good photos, but that was absolutely not a problem! Caitlin had a natural way with him - he was relaxed around her and she worked with what he was capable of.

Words can’t sum up how happy we are. The photo shoot was initially purchased for our older dog, who passed away unexpectedly before our shoot. Whist we were heart broken and it took quite a while to re-schedule our session, Caitlin was ever so understanding and caring.

She captured Comet’s true personality in every single photograph.
Thankyou Caitlin for an experience that we will never, ever forget!
— Peta, Yvonne (& Comet)

“My biggest fear about hiring Caitlin was that I would seem like a crazy dog lover with photos of Cookie on my walls!

Instead, her photos were so natural and they captured the very essence of Cookie. I Ioved going to the studio and seeing what she’d captured during our fun photoshoot. The photos will bring back memories of our holiday at Countrywide Cottages for years to come!

You can’t possibly hire anyone else!”
— Kirsten (& Cookie)

Caitlin is an absolute pleasure to work with! I’ve never had professional photos taken before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but Caitlin made me feel comfortable right away and was so great with Cooper.

My dog is super clingy, so I thought she might have trouble getting him on board for photos. But it was no problem - she had so many little tricks and they all worked! I love that Caitlin was so prepared with all the goodies to keep Cooper interested.

And the photo’s - WOW! I honestly wasn’t expecting them to be that good.
She managed to capture every side of Cooper’s personality and we had a great mix of photos to choose from - some natural, some more posey, some goofy - needless to say we had trouble deciding!

Yes, I’ll admit that it’s an expensive experience, but this is not the sort of thing that you’re going to do regularly. After seeing the photos, I think it’s definitely worth it. The service we received from Caitlin has been second to none - she made me feel comfortable from the very start and has been so organised and just so, so lovely!

I’d highly recommend Ragamuffin Pet Photography to anyone wanting some beautiful
photographs of their animals that they can treasure for years to come.”
— Terri (& Cooper)

It is obvious that Caitlin loves what she does and that seeps through every aspect of the experience. Everything was so worth what we paid - the quality is excellent and Caitlin is a natural at getting the best out of your pet. The photographs are something to treasure forever.

The couch time and reviewing all the photos was our favourite part. That was not what I was expecting at all! It was so relaxed and “homey”. I felt very comfortable (and so did my pooch!)

Thank you so much for this experience! Leigh and I were absolutely thrilled with the results.
— Sarah and Leigh (& The Doctor)

I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful the photos are. From the very first contact with Ragamuffin, everything was so easy. The booking process was simple and showed that Caitlin had a genuine interest in our dogs and their lives.

Having the photos taken was a breeze and up until I saw the photos, I thought this was the best part! But then the presentation bought me to tears, it was sensational and this by far was my favourite part.
All the photos were absolutely magnificent.

I would recommend Ragamuffin Pet Photography without a second’s hesitation. Caitlin put everyone at ease the minute she walked through the door. The most important thing was that our dogs loved her, giving us the very relaxed and natural photos that we wanted.
— Cheryl and Darren (& Garfunkel and Misty)

As our photo shoot came to an end and we farewelled Caitlin, we were buzzing! I was overjoyed by how lovely Caitlin had been to us and to our dogs, by how well my seniors “turned up the cuteness” for the camera, and by what was, in Caitlin’s words, ‘an epic session’.

This moment was then rivalled by the first time I saw the photos at Ragamuffin headquarters;
I did not expect for it to affect me the way it did.

Sitting in that room with my partner and my best friend, watching the slideshow, I couldn’t help but cry. I felt immensely grateful to be sitting in the presence of truly great art which encapsulated everything I love about my furry kids and our perfect little family.

I had a couple of small concerns before booking the shoot. The first was my two senior pups not having the physical or mental stamina to get through the session - this turned out to not at all be the case! Thanks to Caitlin’s relaxed and happy personality, she had all three of my furry kids excited, but comfortable.

My second concern was being in front of a camera - eek! I knew we wanted family photos, but I’ve always been very camera shy. I soon realised that I needn’t have worried. We played, cuddled, loved our furkids like any other day and with Caitlin’s gentle, but expert, guidance we ended up with images better than I could have ever imagined.

It’s the best thing we have ever done with our dogs. The photos are exceptional and we will treasure them forever. Caitlin captured exactly what makes our kids so very special.

I would recommend Ragamuffin Photography, especially to any one with senior pets. Our time with our pets on this planet is cherished but fleeting. They never seem to be here long enough. I couldn’t imagine a better way to be able to remember them and I really wish I had Ragamuffin photos of our passed and missed pets.

Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication. These photographs will help me on every bad day, and on the hardest days of all when we have to say goodbye, we will know we have a perfect piece of our memories close by.
— Julie and Blade (with Gypsy, Jaxon & Mushie)

My biggest fear was that it would be too expensive. In the end, I did spend money, but wow they were so beautiful! I would never be able to capture photos like you did. For example, Hilo with the rolled tongue, drinking. Wow, what a moment - thank you!
— Hilo's Mum

This experience was worth EVERY cent! Caitlin was so attentive to us and Jack, easy to get along with and made us all feel at ease. She was creative, prompt, punctual and professional.

Our favourite part of the experience was the Viewing! It was such a most moving and heart warming experience. Caitlin welcomed us warmly into her home and guided us through the whole process of picking our artwork.

My biggest concern was that Jack may not behave, but Caitlin was amazing. We were completely surprised with how obedient Jack was with, essentially, a complete stranger! She had every trick of the trade to help Jack’s personality shine. It was lovely for me to sit back and enjoy the experience without this concern :)

We can recommend the Ragamuffin experience as money very well spent - it’s a beautiful unique way to celebrate your family. Caitlin is SO amazing at what she does; she has a wealth of knowledge and creativity to take the true essence of you and your pet and show it through some of the most stunning pictures I have had the pleasure to be in!

It’s difficult to put into words how grateful Chris and I are for this experience; I think the tears that flowed at our photo viewing probably summed up our gratitude appropriately to this amazing photographer. THANK YOU CAITLIN from the bottom of our hearts. You have made this little family grow that little bit closer together through your camera lens.
— Tess and Chris (& Jack)

If you want good-quality, natural photographs of your pet, book a session with Ragamuffin Pet Photography.
We were so pleased with the photographs Caitlin captured! The photoshoot was so much fun (and the final results showed it) and seeing them all in the studio was a wonderful experience. Thank you!
— Theresa and Charlotte (& Joy)

I was a little worried before the session, because Laika is quite a nervous dog. My fear was that she’d be frustrating to photograph and even worse, that I might be putting unnecessary stress on Laika (and Caitlin!). But Caitlin was so down to earth and comfortable with us both and made me feel at ease the whole time.

The photos were so beautiful and will be cherished forever.
— Amy (& Laika)

My biggest fear was that the photos would be posed and unnatural - this was absolutely not the case! Caitlin captured Louis and Maggie and all their quirks and gorgeousness.

I was also worried about how Louis would react, as he can be quite nervous and barky with new people, but he LOVED Caitlin! It was actually making us laugh to see him so happy with a stranger!

She is sincere, passionate, calm and an expert at her craft. Like some amazing super nanny for dogs -
who also creates beautiful photographs! Thank you.”
— Hayley and John (with Maggie & Louis)

Our favourite part of the experience was seeing the way that you worked with Wagi. He loved the whole thing! You really captured his personality and it was so much fun. Thank you!
— Sue and Hiroko (& Wagi)