Tumbles is an affectionate and lively border collie puppy who loves people and digging holes!"

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“Tessa is a working Guide Dog who is very smart and keeps me safe. She has a cheeky personality and is very good at keeping herself entertained if I can’t play with her.

She’s a sweet girl (sometimes a princess). She plays with some dogs but only on her terms. She loved people and is eager to please. When I first met her, I couldn’t resist her big, brown eyes.”

~Tessa’s person, Peggy

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“Loui is my best friend. We are pretty much inseparable. He is always there for me when I need someone to talk to and to cuddle.

He loves food, walks, playing fetch and car rides. I am so grateful he is in my life!”

~Loui’s Mum, Kathrine

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“I honestly couldn't imagine not having these two. They are the funniest characters and absolutely love breaking the barriers around personal space. As the saying goes "if I fits, I sits". They're cheeky and intelligent and always put a smile on peoples faces.

More often than not we call our dogs by their various nicknames. Lexi is affectionately known and Weggles and shweetums, Ludo is usually Woodo, smoosh or rude dude!

Lexi does have some anxiety issues and loves being around her people, she will always try to be within 2 meters of you - even when in the bathroom. Ludo has a beautiful habit of sitting on top of you and always having to touch you. He's a heavy lap dog! They are the sweetest pair and love to be together.”

~ Lexi and Ludo’s mum, Sherri

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I met Dexter, Lazlo and Milly during their holiday at Countrywide Cottages. From left to right we’ve got Dexter, the 8 year old pom cross, who keeps everyone in the family in line. Next is Milly, the 15 year old maltese cross who loves to show off her tricks and look after her brother Lazlo, on the right. Lazlo is a sweet 12 year old pom cross, who doesn’t let his epilepsy stop him from enjoying life and snuggling up to his family!

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“Chico means the world to me and I make the most of the time that I have with her. It doesn't matter that she's grey and slower these days, she will always be my baby and I love her to bits!” ~Chico’s Mum, Vicky

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“We call Butter our eldest (and currently only) child. Just like any devoted parents, we plan so much of our lives with Butter's interests at the forefront. "We need a bigger house cause Butter needs a yard". "Let's get a camper trailer so we can travel with Butter". "Let's drive 30 mins to the market to get her those bones she likes". Yep. We're those crazy dog parents!

Butter was once our bouncy, over excitable, demands to sit in your lap and will knock whatever's there out of the way pup. In May last year, things suddenly changed when Butter's sight suddenly deteriorated over the space of a couple of weeks and she was diagnosed with SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome). She is now completely blind.

Sadly there is so little known about SARDS and there is no recognised treatment. The diagnosis was devastating for us but Butter's handled it like a trooper. She's mapped her surroundings well and will happily go for a prance around the park off lead. You wouldn't even know she's blind - until she runs head first into a tree.

These days she's not quite as bouncy or excitable but still demands a space on your lap. Her hearing and smell have definitely gone into overdrive to compensate for her loss of sight. There is no chance of opening the fridge or leaving an open packet of chips around without this dog knowing!”

~ Butter’s parents, Chriselyn and Brett

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“Alfoo is love personified. When you meet him, he will decide instantly you are his best friend forever and try to express that to you. He's got more energy than all other pugs combined and he wants to PLAY! He's so silly but will do anything for food, and then me (in that order of importance).” ~ Alfie’s Mum, Evan

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'The Girls' were your typical odd couple. Often referred to as the kangaroo and a wombat; tall and lean, short and stout. Belly is an in-your-face, lick-you-to-death kinda girl and Cindy was more held back, gently nudging you if the pats ever stopped. But despite their differences in both looks and personality, they were inseparable.

Cindy battled with health issues throughout 2018, but stayed happy and bright, living her best life on three legs until, sadly, she passed away. She was a gorgeous girl and it was an honour to help her family celebrate their bond with sweet Cin-dogs.

“Cindy was a birthday gift from my parents when I turned 15. She was my first love and stuck by my side since the day we met. Life wouldn’t be the same without The Girls - they are our whole heart.”
~ Cindy and Bella’s Mum, Jodie

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I have been photographing these gorgeous boys since back in 2013 and it has been such a pleasure and joy to watch them grow up over the years!

When I first met them, nervous little Herbie had only just been adopted. Before being rescued, Herbie had never been properly socialized with other dogs. His fur was matted and dreadlocked, and he was extremely thin and flea-ridden. Thankfully, AWDRI stepped in and before long he was in his furever home with Natasha, his brother Koda and their feline siblings.

These days, the boys are totally inseparable. Koda is a big sook who loves belly rubs and back scratches (and isn’t shy in asking for them) and Herbie will happily sit in your lap all day long (in fact, whenever we have a photoshoot, I inevitably end up trying to photograph Koda with Herbie in my lap!)

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“Kira has an interesting personality. She is reserved and a bit of a couch potato (and has the world’s best resting bitch face haha!) but she’s also a sweetheart and it’s hard to put into words exactly what she means to me. I can’t imagine life without her - she means the world.

Her favourite things are curling up under a blanket (and food!) and we love spending time outdoors together.”
~ Briony, Kira’s Mum

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This ragtag bunch of gorgeous, crazy weirdos bring so much happiness to their furparents lives!

From left to right; we’ve got Maggie, who was dumped pregnant in a pound, contracted parvo and lost all her babies - nearly dying herself. But she’s a tough girl and fought her way back to health!

Next there’s Peanut, the new kid on the block! He’s a teeny little boy who was rescued at just 2 weeks old - what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality (and ears!).

Then there’s Louis, the eldest of the lot and ruler of the roost! He’s a stubborn man who loves to chat, sniff and bark at magpies!

And finally there’s Stanley. Don’t be fooled by the cool-as-a-cucumber, sly little look he’s giving us in this portrait - Stanley is a silly boy who is all legs, ears and goofy grin!

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Nelson has been by his Mum’s said since she was just nine years old. This little, old man loves the sun, doing his own things and above all else - his Mum!

His photoshoot(s!) were really special to me, an experience that I will recall and treasure in the future on the days that this job gets tough. See, for all the exciteable zoomies and adorable puppies that I have the pleasure of photographing, my job also involves the heartbreaking art of capturing the bond between pets and their people as they near their goodbyes. 

It doesn’t get any easier. I’ve been doing this for 8 years and I still bawl my eyes out when I learn that an animal I’ve photographed has crossed the rainbow bridge.

I believe that to be a good animal photographer, you need to be highly empathetic. You need to be able to see and love that pet through their human’s eyes, to be able to capture their bond together and allow their personality to shine.

While this means that I quickly fall in love with (and would totally dognap) every furry soul that graces my lens, it also means that the sad sessions are HARD. But this time is not about me, so I blink back tears and desperately try to compose myself behind the lens, while I watch my clients cuddle, kiss and love their old souls. We all know that probably, within weeks or months, they’ll be gone. It’s not easy, but it’s an honour and one that I am proud to do.

On the day of Nelson’s first shoot, he was not well. He was diagnosed with renal failure when he was ten years old (he’s now 18!) and it looked like these were his final days. Photographing him snuggled tightly in his Mum’s arms, tired and small, was a beautiful but sad experience. I said my goodbyes at the end of our afternoon together, expecting that Nelson would be gone by the time we had our Session Reveal two weeks later. 

Imagine my complete shock and utter joy, when into the showroom walked a pleased-as-punch couple of furparents and one tail-wagging, bright eyed, happy, little Nelson! A change of medication had given the old man a new lease of life. Never have I seen such a transformation in a dog I’ve photographed! His Mum has been given the gift of more time with her life-long pal and we promptly organised a reshoot to capture happy Nelson (sans medical boot!)

So thank you Nelson, for teaching and reminding me that you never know what gifts and sunshine life might have waiting for you. You little champ!

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“Korben is an outgoing, energetic, super-friendly boy. That being said - he’s also independent to the point of frustration! He’s extremely clever and basically refuses to stop exploring until he’s ready to return (one of the reasons we love holidaying at Countrywide Cottages, because of their enclosed paddocks!)

Leeloo is as cautious as Korben is brave, and she startles easily. She is very affectionate with us, but doesn’t feel the need to greet everyone and their dog like Korben. Leeloo is absolutely ball crazy and will play fetch or tug all day if you’re willing!”

~ Nicole, Korben and Leeloo’s Mum

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“Since I adopted him, Simba has been by my side through the highs and all the lows. While I have battled with mental illness, he has got me through my darkest days.

He knew how I felt, he lived through it too. He never judged though, every time he would be by my side purring his little head off, letting me know everything would be okay. Every time I was ready to give up, he was my reason to keep going.

There was no one in this world I trusted to love and care for him as much as I did. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving him, the cat that loved me unconditionally.

His soft four and gentle purrs ground me and almost instantly my anxiety eases when he's around. Simba doesn't just bring love, happiness and white fur into my life - he saved it.”
~Simba’s Mum, Sarah


“Ranger - Loyal and protective. Head of security at home. He is a bit of a sook and loves a good cuddle. He is my soul dog.

Gus - The worker. Tough nut and will never tire. Dave's bestie.

Donny - Was born in the pound and spent the first 17 months of his life there due to ongoing court proceedings in a puppy farm case. Sometimes timid in new situations, but an absolute sweetheart.”
~ Ranger, Gus and Donny’s Mum, Kim

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I first photographed Rosie back in 2016, when she was a young little girl (and only child!) Fast forward a few years and Rosie now has herself her very own hooman brother - with gorgeous red hair just like hers (you can tell they’re related haha!)

”I fell in love with Rosie instantly. She was so tiny, I could hold her in one hand. An excited little ball of fluff, she ran laps around me, licking my face - there was no way she wasn’t going to be joining our family!

Rosie has a contagious personality. Everywhere we take her there are people praising her for her cuteness and bubbly personality, petting her, taking photos of her and even picking her up and cuddling her. We count our lucky stars every day that she chose us!”

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