Ragamuffin Dogumentary™ Sessions are all about telling the story of your dogs, unabridged and unscripted. These unposed sessions start with breakfast and end after a day full of everything that makes you and your dog happy. 

My approach is relaxed and stress-free.
My focus is on creating natural, candid portraits.
This experience is all about capturing your dog's personality and
celebrating the bond that you share with them. 

We could go to your favourite cafe, take a hike, visit a doggy bestie, splash at the beach, zoomies at the park - whatever makes that tail wag! Throughout our day together, I will be filming and photographing your dog with a fly-on-the-wall style. Sometimes I'll work directly with you and your dogs, but mostly I'm there observing and waiting to photograph those little moments that might otherwise be forgotten. I become part of your family for the day.


The ultimate experience
for people who
love their dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog isn't well trained? I don't think s/he'll sit still for photos . . .
The beauty of my Dogumentary™ Sessions is that we don't even *want* your furkids sitting still! They absolutely, pawsitively do not need to be well trained - just well loved! I'm here to capture the crazy - the zoomies around your backyard, the sneaky paws up on the table, the excited jumps and barks and play! After all, you don't want photographs of a show dog. You want photographs of your dog.

When are sessions available?
Because of the amount of work involved in each Dogumentary™, I can only take on 6 clients per year for these sessions. They are usually scheduled around two months in advance, which gives us plenty of time to think up the perfect day for your dogs. I find it pretty helpful if we connect on Facebook/Instagram during this time too - Dogumentaries™ are as much about you and your family as they are about your pet, so I love getting to know you before I even pick up the camera!

My house is a mess / dark! Do we have to shoot at home?
We really do. But please don't worry about what your home looks like - I'm very used to working in all sorts of different environments and I think it is so important that we capture your dogs in their own environments as part of these sessions. Plus, it's an opportunity to also involve other pets that you might have!
Nothing needs to be "perfect" for these sessions - in fact, if part of your daily routine is sweeping all the fur off the floor (possibly with four gangly paws trying to chase the broom!), then I want to photograph that! You will look back on these normal, everyday moments and think "yes, they were good days!"

What is Photojournalistic Photography?
Dogumentary™ sessions are approached in a strictly photojournalistic style - I'm there to capture the real, raw, genuine moments that make up the story of your everyday life. No awkward poses, no cheesy grins, no matching outfits, no stressful times. I see beauty in the chaos of real life and I'm there to celebrate that.

Your story: 
unabridged and unscripted



* Full day photo session (usually 8 - 10 hours of coverage)
8 minute short film about your dogs

plus the Great Dane Package
* A custom designed Keepsake Story album
* Artwork Wall Display (3-4 canvas or framed prints, custom designed to suit your home)
* Series of four of 8x12" Classic Prints
* USB with all the high-res digital files (around 500 photographs)

How DOes it work?

Dogumentary™ Sessions include an All-Inclusive Package, with everything from digital files, to wall art, to a gorgeous Story Album. After our session, I spend around four weeks working through all of your photographs, editing your session film and designing a first draft of your album.

We'll tee up a time for your Dogumentary Reveal at the Ragamuffin Showroom. This is when we'll watch your film, look through all the photographs and start designing your story album together. It's everyone's favourite part of the experience (plenty of tissues provided, because it's also usually the most emotional part!)

So, How Much?

The $4800 All-Inclusive Package is divided up into weekly payments due before and after our session...

8 weekly payments of $500

2 weekly payments of $400

* Do you need a different payment schedule? Just get in touch and we can organise a plan that suits you *


So who am I?


We're going to spend a lot of time together, so I think it's important that you get a feel for who I am!

Hi *waves*!
I'm Caitlin :)

I'm a bit of an introvert and a lot of a dork. I love talking dog. 
Behind the camera is my happy place. It's the way I communicate with my world.
It's where I get to celebrate all the beautiful little moments of life. 

I LOVE my job

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