Why I am here

Spending my days pouring over Vogue, sketching skeletal designs and erasing curves in Photoshop.
High heels and higher stress to make up for a shrinking self-esteem.

And then along she came.

Not softly or quietly. She came skidding, tumbling, somersaulting into my life.

I taught her how to sit: she taught me love.
I taught her how to roll: she taught me loyalty
I taught her how to jump: she taught me LIFE

She made me want to dedicate myself to celebrating soulful eyes, cheeky tails and warm snuggles. Thanks to her, I discovered that my days would be better spent filled with people who love their furfamilies, sketching designs to help animal charities and erasing leashes in Photoshop. Muddy knees and comfy t-shirts - 100% happy in my own skin.

Without my girl, there would be no Ragamuffin Pet Photography.
I owe Lyra everything. She is my everything.


I live with my gorgeous man Benjamin, our scruffdogs Maple and Lyra, their feline sidekick Will and our bearded dragon, Hufflepuff Lizardnardo (Puff for short). They inspire myself and my art every single day.

I was always going to be a photographer. By the age of 16, I had started winning awards and exhibiting my photography internationally. I studied fashion photography in London and then New York on a scholarship. In 2008 I moved back to Melbourne to complete my BA in Photography at RMIT. Photographing perfect, beautiful people was fun, but deep down I was aching for something more. More meaningful, more passionate, more SOUL.

And so, at 20 years old I launched Ragamuffin Pet Photography. I didn't have a speck of business knowledge, but there was a camera round my neck, my heart full of love and my scruffy little family my side. Eight years later, my days are spent creating beautiful portraits for people who are crazy about their own furry family, and I couldn't be happier!