Misty: Part Two

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It's not my place to talk about how Misty came to be at The Mark's Ark. You are more than welcome to visit their rescue page (please don't forget to click "like" while you're there) where you can read more about her history. I'm going to ask you in advance to refrain from any comments about her previous owners ~ I do not know them, nor do I judge them. In fact, in my heart I believe they did the best they could for Misty. Here are the few facts that I will share:

~ Misty is 14 years old ~ Misty came to the rescue with a front leg that had two broken bones, way too skinny and covered in fleas ~ Her leg bones were too small for pins or a plate, so soon after being surrendered, her leg was amputated ~ Misty rocks my socks


rescued cat amputated leg

Misty and I were inseparable from the get go. Every day we spent together, we became closer and closer. Each morning when I awoke, she came running hobbling towards me, squeaking her funny little meow, to demand a cuddle. She draped herself across my body, completely ungraceful and totally at peace. The Queen of Headbutts. She came from all hidden corners of our house when I called out "Misty! Cuddles?" She had a magic ability to dissolve all my stresses and cure all my worries. She filled a hole in my heart, that I had no idea even existed.

We took things at an incredibly slow pace when introducing Misty to Pan, Ava and Lyra. Johnny had agreed to let her stay with us on trial, under the strict proviso that if she didn't get along with our girls, she would have to go. Eeep! Lyra met Misty early on, and was just as perfect as I hoped she would be (perhaps, admittedly, a teeny bit scared, but you all know that my Lyra is a big wuss!)

For the first week she stayed in my office and the girls stayed on the other side of the house. On the second week we let Misty roam our lounge room and kitchen, and the girls could now smell each other under door way. We swapped their beds. On the third week, we opened the door. I held my breath. Would they love each other???

F&%K no!

So, we took a few steps backwards for our step forwards. Danced the cha cha of life. But then came the fourth week. My time was up. They weren't best friends, but I could see that with time and patience we would get there. The question was (the question that had been plaguing my every thought for the past month) would Johnny say the same?

Nervously, I approached him in the kitchen. "What do you think?" I asked.

He raised an eyebrow. "I'm going to need more clues than that."

"About Misty. Do you think she can stay?" I tried to play it cool, after my embarrassingly shameless beg for him to agree to her trial.  I attempted what I thought might be a nonchalant smile (but in reality was probably more similar to a manic grimace). I crossed my fingers behind my back, and then for extra measure crossed my toes in my slippers.

He just laughed. "Is that why you've been so weird? Of course she can stay ~ she's your girl."


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