Joy ~ Lyra's Project

Allow me to officially introduce (for those who do not follow Ragamuffin on Facebook) - Paddy! Paddy is our 12 week old foster puppy and he is sure to be making plenty of guest appearances in Lyra's project over the next 12 months.

Paddy is training to be an assistance or companion dog for Dogs for Kids with Disabilities, a fantastic organisation that I work with frequently. When they asked if I would consider fostering a puppy, I agreed because I had seen first hand what an amazing difference these dogs make to lives of the children that they are eventually paired with. I had no idea what an amazing difference Paddy would bring to our own life!

Lyra is not a dog's dog. Oh, most of the time she would tolerate other dogs (sometimes she won't, which made us sad and worried). She would happily let any human take away her food or toys, with her big goofy grin plastered to her face. But heaven forbid another dog even sniff near a ball that she had decided was hers.

This unfriendly possessiveness had grown gradually worse over time. She no longer had any interest in playing with other dogs at the park (once a beloved past time). We sighed and vowed never to bring any of her toys out of the house.

Then along came Paddy.

We told them it would never work - our dear Lyra was just not a dog's dog. But this fluffy, funny, floppy furball has achieved the impossible. He has taught Lyra that it is okay to play and run and tug and wrestle and love. He looks up to her and she cares for him with a maternal streak that makes my chest hurt and my eyes well. I am so proud of her and so grateful to him.

He has brought such complete and utter JOY into her life.



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About Lyra's Project:

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