Artwork  displays

Do you have a pet-friendly space in need of decorating? Let's work together to fill it with something bright, colourful and unique!

I have a large library of gorgeous pet photography that we can use to create a beautiful display - or we can organise complimentary photosessions for your staff and decorate your walls with personalised photography. 




Instead of charging for sessions or image licensing, I just ask that you display some Ragamuffin brochures and cover the cost of printing. For display artwork, we use Foam Core mounted prints - safer than frames as we don't risk glass breaking, and more affordable than canvases. 

The sizes and quantity of prints will vary depending on your space, but in general I advise budgeting around $150/wall that you want to decorate. This could include one large print, or a mix of smaller prints. 

11x14" - $50
16x20" - $70
24x30" - $110
30x40" - $150


I'll come into your space, measure your walls and work out the best sizes and design. While I'm there, I'll take photos of your space so that later I can send you through a few potential mocked-up options to pick from.

Once you're happy with the look, we'll send it all off to the printers and I'll return to hang the artwork
(I use 3M tape, so it won't damage your walls!)

personalised staff SESSIONS

Keen to decorate with photography that means something to your business? Just let me know, and we can organise mini-sessions for your staff and their pets. They get a Ragamuffin Session with their furkid (and the option to purchase their own prints later), and your walls are full of familiar faces, which clients love!