Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ~ Templestowe Pet Photographer


I met Chico at his home in Templestowe (Melbourne) - he wagged his adorably fluffy bum at me and I fell in love instantly! Chico's Mum, Monid, had called me a few weeks prior to organise a pet photography session, having found out that her beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel had congestive heart failure. This isn't a sad post though - Chico is still very happy dog and other than a little cough he seems completely healthy! He is also now being kept young by his energetic new little brother, a puppy named Harrison.

Girl giving her dog treats during our dog photoshoot in Templestowe

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by Ragamuffin Pet Photography Templestowe

We started photographing at Chico's home in Templestowe, where he was quick to show me just how snoozy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can be. Don't you just love the purple of their bedroom against his red fur? Chico is his Mum's snuggly shadow - they share their bed and he follows her everywhere. Monid told me before our photoshoot that their bed was one of Chico's all time favourite spots in their home, so I just had to photograph him there!

Cavalier King Charlles Spaniel Lying in Bed in Melbourne

Pet Photographer Templestowe

Chico the cavvie cuddling his Mum during our pet photography session in Templestowe

Once we finished photographing at home, we headed over to the nearby Ruffey Lake Park, one of the most popular parks in Manningham. I could see why straight away - the view of outer Melbourne from the top of the hill was beautiful. Chico and I had lots of fun (and lots of treats) posing as the sun slowly set. He's a fussy eater, but luckily my big stash of treats was a winner - check out that happy smile!

Girl and dog walking in Templestowe, Manningham

Cavvie cuddling his human during our melbourne pet photoshoot

Chico the Cavalier against the dramatic skies in a moody Melbourne afternoon

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the arms of his owner in Melbourne

Even with my tempting treats, it was hard to coax Chico out of the arms of his Mum. This boy is so in love - he was clearly happiest in her arms. This is exactly the sort of unconditional, unwavering love that has made me dedicate my life to celebrating our furry families as a pet photographer. There is something so beautiful, so pure, about it that just fills me with joy.

templestowe pet photographer

Thank you so much for inviting me into your home Monid. I have had so much fun getting to know you and your furry family these last few months - a wonderful client and now a beautiful friend!

x Caitlin

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