Ally's Session ~ Mornington Peninsula Dog Photography

Melbourne pet photography - old labrador Gail contacted me about booking an Old Soul Session after her gorgeous black labrador, Ally, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her sons have grown up with Ally and the sweet soul is very much a part of their family.

Gail really wanted to portraits that captured Ally's trusting, loving personality - but that beautiful black fur was a nightmare for her own snapshots! Of course, this is something that professional pet photographers have to deal with on  daily basis, so I've got all sorts of techniques to bring out the detail in dark fur!

I headed down to their idyllic farm on the Mornington Peninsula to photograph Ally surrounded by her people and the places she loves to spent her days - around the garden, by the dam and with the chooks in the orchard.

Melbourne dog photography - Lady with her Labradorpet photographer in Melbourne - Man with his old dog


I couldn't help giggling when I learned that Ally has a dirty sock and undie fetish! How very labrador of her. She collects the dirty washing from under the beds of her two human brothers - in exchange for a very well-deserved treat! professional pet portrait of boy with his dog


Like most labs, Ally loves to swim! She was a bit too tired for a dip during her photosession, so instead she decided to pose like a superstar beside the dam for me (staring right at her Mum, with a look of pure devotion in her eyes). The sun was starting to set and all of those beautiful yellows, reds and greens reflected into the water. It was a priceless moment and the resulting portrait is being printed as the huge feature piece in Ally's wall display. Her family are going to hang it right byside the staircase where Ally waits for them to enter their home, so she will waiting for them forever and always . . .

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Thank you for inviting me into your home and your family, Bella. You've touched my heart and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with you.



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