Natural Family and Pet Photographer in Templestowe

Muttley, Peanut and Pookie are three gorgeous old souls who are absolutely adored by their family. They were fantastic dogs to photograph - totally keen to get in on some treat action, but at the end of the day what they really wanted to do was snuggle in for a cuddle with their Mum. That worked perfectly for us, because Sharon's main reason for finding a family and pet photographer was because (in her own words) . . .

"I think that your photography is so beautiful! I would love some natural black and white family portraits of us with the dogs."

Natural Family Photograph with their Dogs in Templestowe

I photographed the pups with Sharon and their human brothers (Ethan and James) at the Ruffey Lake Park near Templestowe. After a rainy week, the sun shined upon us for a perfect few hours and lit up the lush green grass. For three dogs all over 14, Muttley, Peanut and Pookie certainly don't let their age get in the way of having some fun!

group photo of white dogs in Melbourne

Muttley: 17 Years, Maltese Cross

Laidback, Soulful, Gentle & Tolerant

Muttley was adopted from the Lost Dogs Home when he was just a puppy, around 12 weeks old. Sharon still remembers the day she visited him, she knew straight away that he was the one. She rang early in the morning as soon as he became available for adoption and they were both so excited to see each other! He has been her constant companion for over seventeen years - so gentle with Ethan and James as they grew up (even when they were pulling his tail and ears, riding him like a horse, boys being boys!)

Muttley has degenerative myopathy now. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to watch your best friend struggle with illness and my heart goes out to Sharon while she and Mutts fight the disease.

Candid photographs of woman with her white dogs in templestowe

Peanut: 15 Years, Maltese x Pomeranian

Quiet, Loyal, Stubborn & Sweet

The day Sharon brought Peanut home, Muttley leapt straight into "parent mode". Muttley would put the little pup to bed each night and even keep him from crying. As the boys grew older together, they became the best of friends. Nowadays Peanut is Sharon's shadow. He is mostly deaf and completely blind, so Sharon does have to help him out sometimes and he sleeps most of the day. He was pretty snoozy during our session - that is, until we brought out his squeaky ball! Then the little old man quickly became an excited puppy again - he was all about that squeak!

Artistic Photographs of Lady with her Dogs in Templestowe

Pookie: 14 Years, Maltese Cross

Miss Bossy Boots, Crazy, Dominant & Sweet

Pooks was adopted with a heart murmur (her previous owners didn't want to deal with her illness). Her new family had the murmur treated and she has been ruling the roost ever since! She may be the youngest of the three dogs, but that doesn't stop Pookie from making sure that everyone knows she is the Queen of their castle. She is always the centre of attention, a crazy little old lady who apparently never got the memo about the "old" bit. Despite her disc problems (she had surgery for a herniated disc in early 2013), Pooks refuses to stop having fun. She races around like an energiser bunny, having "maddies" (mad dashes around their house like a lunatic) and making her family laugh.

Photograph of woman with her dogs in Melbourne

"For over 14 years, they have been the best friends that anyone could hope for. Childbirth, divorce, moving houses ~ Muttley, Peanut and Pookie have always been right there, by my side."

~ Sharon


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