Two Easy Crafts For Your Pets

A guest post from Paisley Hansen . . . Sometimes pets can be our best friends. They are somebody to talk to when no one else wants to listen. If you enjoy going giving back and going above and beyond for your pets, you may be interested in pet crafts. There are a lot of home made items you can make for your pets, ranging from protective gear, to costumes, to play toys. If you have some extra time on your hands and want to give a special gift to your favorite pet, take a look at the following.

Sweater Dog Toys

Do you have any old sweaters lying around? Does your grandma? Instead of keeping them for an ugly sweater party, turn them into useful toys for your dog or cat. Material wise, all you will need for this project is an old sweater (preferably acrylic so they are washable), a pack of squeaks, a sewing machine, thread, stuffing, and a hand needle. You most likely already have this stuff lying around the house. Squeaks can be purchased at a local pet store.

  • Cut out the shape you want the toy to be in on paper and pin it to the part of the sweater you want to cut. Probably the most common and the most fun for dogs is a bone. You can make the toy out of any part of the sweater so choose an area you like.
  • Cut out the pieces of the sweater. You will need two exact pieces for each toy. Then sew them together, making sure you leave a small hole.
  • Stuff the toy with the squeakers and the stuffing. Do a really good job with the stuffing because it is likely your dog will try to tear it to shreds.

And you’re done! You have just converted a useless piece of clothing into your pet’s favorite toy.

The TV Fish Tank

Have you come across an old TV in your attic or storage unit and not known what to do with it? You could throw it in a land fill and let it decompose for hundreds of years, or you could turn it into a new home for your fish. Not all TV’s will work for this. Look for the ones with the wooden consoles and knobs instead of buttons.

  • Open the console and remove the old television tube. This will just leave the shell of the console. You may have to remove any additional items that would prevent a fish tank from fitting inside.
  • Measure the inside of the console and purchase an aquarium that will fit inside. You want it to be slightly taller than the screen would be. Make sure to leave room for an overhead light. If you want you can put the filter and air pump outside.
  • Test out the aquarium to see if it and all the additional elements fit properly. You are going to want to cut a hole somewhere in the console to allow for ventilation.
  • Replace the back of the console, create a lid and reinforce the bottom if necessary.
  • Weatherproof the console several times to prevent water damage and molding. Make so you run the tank for a cycle before you add any fish.

That’s it! Now just put the tank somewhere you can show it off to visitors.

About the Author: Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer who is an expert in sewing and crafting in general. She is one of the foremost experts in the use of animal fleece fabric. When she isn't writing or crafting, she can usually be found reading a good book.