Unplugged ~ Dog Friendly Holiday ~ The Otways, Victoria

"Put it away!" He glanced at me, half-joking and half-annoyed, as we drove down the eucalypt-lined road towards Countrywide Cottages. "I know, I know," I muttered. "It's just one last email . . . CRAP!" My little, lonely signal bar disappeared with not even a courtesy farewell, just as we turned into the driveway for Ferny Reach cottage. But I had promised him a work-free long weekend, so I exhaled deeply and switched off the iphone.

It turns out that shoddy reception was just what the doctor ordered - three days of bliss, unplugged and carefree, just myself, my man and my dog. Thank you so much Johnny, for spoiling me and for knowing exactly what I needed (even when I didn't realise it myself.)

This is our weekend at Ferny Reach, told through images (the way I remember all my favourite stories). I hope that you enjoy the photos half as much as I enjoyed taking them.


p.s. my challenge to you. unplug - for an hour, for a day, for a weekend. unplug and remember that there is more to life than work and that you will never, ever regret spending too much time with the ones that you adore.

Countrywide Cottages in Victoria

Dog Friendly Countrywide Cottages in the Otways, Victoria

Dog Tricks

Dog Friendly Countrywide Cottages in the Otways, Victoria

Dog Friendly Holiday in the Otways, Victoria

Camping with dog

Camping with dog by campfire

Countrywide Cottages - dog friendly holidays

Bushwalking with dog in Otways

Dog in Australian Bush

Dog running towards camera

Dog jumping midair

Australian Dog in Victoria - dog photography

Australian Dog Photographer

Melbourne Pet Photography in Bush

Dog in water in Australia

Wet funny dog

Wet dog in Australian bush

Wet dog in lake in Australia

Dog swimming in Great Ocean Road

Dog swimming in australian waterholeAussie Dog Photography

Throwing stick for dog

Funny Wet Dog

Bushwalking with dog along great ocean road

Australia dog photography

Cuddling dog photo

Great Ocean Road Dog Walking Aussie Dog Photo

Girl and dog sleeping


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