Schedule your Artwork Appointment

The calendar below will allow you to choose a time and date that suit you for your Ordering Appointment. If you're booking at least a few weeks in advance, I can usually be a bit flexible with my available times/dates (although weekends do tend to be already booked out with photosessions). If your schedule doesn't suit mine, just get in touch and I'll have a wiggle of things to fit you in :)

During your Artwork Appointment, we will look through the finished photographs and together we will pick the right artwork (prints, albums or digital files) for your home. View the price list here.

Your order will be placed at the appointment and you can either pay your total and we can organise a payment plan (you can pay by Mastercard, Visa, Cash or Bank Transfer).

Can't see the calendar below or having trouble? I recommend trying a different browser (especially if you’re on Internet Explorer), not viewing on your iPad or iPhone, or viewing the schedule here