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Years of photographing dogs all around Melbourne has allowed me to curate an all-star list of my top five recommended locations. These tried and tested spots have been carefully picked because they guarantee lots of variety, colour, great lighting and most importantly - an awesome experience for you and your dogs!

From graffiti-filled alleys, to colourful flowers beds, to splashing waves - there is something for every dog here . . .

[note: All dogs, regardless of training level, are photographed on-lead for city locations. If you’re not confident with their recall, they can also easily be photographed on-lead at parks, the beach etc. The leashes are meticulously removed digitally, so it doesn’t impact the photographs and safety remains top priority!]

- Williamstown Gardens + Beach/Foreshore  (** PHOTOGRAPHERS CHOICE **)
- Port Melbourne Park + Beach
- City Park + CBD Graffiti
- Yarraville Gardens
- Carlton Gardens

Keen for a different location? Custom locations are definitely do-able (they may require a pre-session print deposit though). Just let me know if you have somewhere else in mind!

Williamstown Botanic Gardens

Nestled by the sea, Williamstown Botanical Gardens includes a striking palm tree avenue, ornamental fountain and an intricate maze of pathways. It's my veyr favourite photoshoot location!

Full of gorgeous trees, this park rarely busy and has the added benefit of being a short walk away from the beach.

I also love to finish a Williamstown session at the Foreshore, where we get a fantastic view of the city from across the water.


Port melbourne park + Beach

A hidden gem in the middle of urban Port Melbourne, Gasworks Arts Park features a large off-leash area perfect for playing and running with your dogs. Surrounding this area is secluded pockets of interesting brickwork, a graffiti-filled pathway and lots of gorgeous trees and bushes. It's great because we can capture a lot of variety within a short walking distance.

One of the best aspects of photographing at Gasworks is that the Port Melbourne off-leash dog beach is just a short walk down the road. There is a fabulous wooden pier that I love to use for photos, and it's an awesome way to finish a session.



City Park + Graffiti

Linlithgow Lawn is the perfect location for an urban-focused photoshoot. We start in the park opposite the NGV, where we can take advantage of the awesome city views and colourful flowerbeds.

A short walk over Princes Bridge leads us to Flinders Street Station, Fed Square and graffiti-filled Hosier Lane. These four landmarks all look fantastic in photographs! If we schedule our session close to sunset, we can also take advantage of the city lights to create some unique night portraits.

The city crowds also give us the option of creating one of my signature Long-Exposure portraits (please let me know if you're interested in creating one of these, as I need to bring special equipment).



Yarraville Gardens

Yarraville Gardens includes an off-leash area perfect for "zoomies", shady trees for portraits and a variety of flower beds that add a vibrant pop of colour to photographs.

The tall palm trees and Melbourne's docks create a unique background from the top of the park.

In summer, there are often food trucks lining the road - if they're out while we're there, it can make for some really fun portraits!

This park can be quite busy, so it's not recommend for the easily distracted or nervous doggos. 



Carlton Gardens is an on-leash, urban park filled with interesting architecture, trees and flowerbeds. Pathways throughout the park wind themselves around huge trees, ornamental lakes and elaborate fountains.

Both the Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building make for stunning backdrops during a session at Carlton Gardens. We also have the option of finishing up in nearby Fitzroy if you fancy some graffiti photos as well.

The gardens is another great location to capture a lot of variety within a short walk, so it's a particularly good option for older dogs who can't walk as far.