This ragtag bunch of gorgeous, crazy weirdos bring so much happiness to their furparents lives!

From left to right; we’ve got Maggie, who was dumped pregnant in a pound, contracted parvo and lost all her babies - nearly dying herself. But she’s a tough girl and fought her way back to health!

Next there’s Peanut, the new kid on the block! He’s a teeny little boy who was rescued at just 2 weeks old - what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality (and ears!).

Then there’s Louis, the eldest of the lot and ruler of the roost! He’s a stubborn man who loves to chat, sniff and bark at magpies!

And finally there’s Stanley. Don’t be fooled by the cool-as-a-cucumber, sly little look he’s giving us in this portrait - Stanley is a silly boy who is all legs, ears and goofy grin!

Caitlin McCollComment