"Bennie was entrusted to us in May 2012. He was surrendered to Pug Rescue, he needed a lot of care and multiple operations before he was ready to be adopted, including losing his right eye.

When he first came to us he was a "bolter" who would run for it if someone opened the front door, he has since settled in well and is much more relaxed.

The day after Bennie arrived to live with us, Ruby joined our home as a puppy. She has a charmed life with Bennie by her side, and bosses him (and the rest of our family) around.

They go on daily walks with their grandparents, and are well known in the neighbourhood. Bennie is laidback and will survey the situation, whilst Ruby is the hustler and will try on different barks and tricks to hustle treats throughout the day."

~ Ruby and Bennie's Mum, Sonja

Caitlin McCollComment