“I honestly couldn't imagine not having these two. They are the funniest characters and absolutely love breaking the barriers around personal space. As the saying goes "if I fits, I sits". They're cheeky and intelligent and always put a smile on peoples faces.

More often than not we call our dogs by their various nicknames. Lexi is affectionately known and Weggles and shweetums, Ludo is usually Woodo, smoosh or rude dude!

Lexi does have some anxiety issues and loves being around her people, she will always try to be within 2 meters of you - even when in the bathroom. Ludo has a beautiful habit of sitting on top of you and always having to touch you. He's a heavy lap dog! They are the sweetest pair and love to be together.”

~ Lexi and Ludo’s mum, Sherri

Caitlin McCollComment