'The Girls' were your typical odd couple. Often referred to as the kangaroo and a wombat; tall and lean, short and stout. Belly is an in-your-face, lick-you-to-death kinda girl and Cindy was more held back, gently nudging you if the pats ever stopped. But despite their differences in both looks and personality, they were inseparable.

Cindy battled with health issues throughout 2018, but stayed happy and bright, living her best life on three legs until, sadly, she passed away. She was a gorgeous girl and it was an honour to help her family celebrate their bond with sweet Cin-dogs.

“Cindy was a birthday gift from my parents when I turned 15. She was my first love and stuck by my side since the day we met. Life wouldn’t be the same without The Girls - they are our whole heart.”
~ Cindy and Bella’s Mum, Jodie

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