Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fighting for animal rights. I owe everything in my life to the joys of animals. Everyday they bring me so much happiness, peace and love. I am so grateful for the fact that I get to spend my days celebrating everything that is wonderful about dogs, cats and other animals – and I am equally grateful about the fact that I am in a position to give back to our furry, feathered and four-legged friends.

Ways to Help:

  • $25 for each Ragamuffin session booked is donated
  • 50% of Tails of Melbourne sessions fees donated
  • Fundraising photobooths can be organised
  • Gift Vouchers for Auctions can be organised
  • Adoption Profile Photos
  • Publicity/Raising Awareness
  • Donation of services and photography

If dogs had a hero, Melbourne’s Caitlin Maloney of Ragamuffin Pet Photography might just be it.
This beautiful documentarian of people and their pets has given much of her time (and heart) to applying her art to the very practical application of creating ‘adoption worthy’ profiles for animals that need homes.
Fundraising, campaigning and beautifying pound puppies are all part of the day when
‘giving back’ for this passionate photographer.
— Little Muse Collective

My small list of charities and organisations has been handpicked because I support their ethos and cause. But I would love for the Ragamuffin Giving Back Register to be larger than just me! There is a beautiful, generous community of Ragamuffin clients, friends and fans – this should be a decision that we all make together!

I don’t know all the groups and organisations out there, but if you know an organisation that should be added to the Register, please nominate them below for consideration. I can’t promise to add every charity nominated, but I will take every nomination very seriously.

Caitlin is the most patient photographer I have ever worked with, I would highly recommend her. Every client that we have sent to Ragamuffin Pet Photography have been amazed by her ability to connect with their children and dogs and to have captured the special bond a child shares with their companion or assistance dog.
— Katie Hunter, Director of Dogs for Kids with Disabilities

As a Service Professional member of HeARTS Speak, and lifelong animal activist, I am incredibly passionate about giving back to animals in need.

HeARTS Speak is an international organisation that unites animal artists and animal rescues, together fighting for a deeper understanding and better future for the voiceless. HeARTS Speak artists are working to dispel the "stigma that [animals] found at shelters or rescues are somehow damaged or deficient and therefore, inferior."

Unbelievably, we only need to increase shelter adoptions by 3% to stop the unnecessary killing of adoptable animals. Just 3%!

Check out the links page for animal welfare and rescue groups, or watch the blog for our posts on Ragamuffin Rescues who we've photographed.

Caitlin’s skill, patience, flexibility and creativity is nothing short of miraculous. She volunteers her time to us at The Mark’s Ark Inc, photographing our adoption animals so they have a better chance at being homed.
She is truly gifted in all that she does, and she is also funny, witty, and a genuinely kind, caring, compassionate human being. I would recommend Caitlin to anyone looking for pet photography. Grab her with both hands and don’t let go!
— Rachel Muraca, Director of The Mark's Ark


All of my suppliers and products have been carefully chosen to reduce our impact on the environment.

Most of my packaging is made from natural kraft paper, a bio-degradable and compostable resource that is made from the unbleached pulp of 100% renewable resources. I also re-use any the plastic wrap from suppliers (so forgive me if it is ever a little worn!)

Ragamuffin prints are all supplied locally and the canvases are stretched over sustainable, EcoSelect hardwoods. The Ragamuffin albums and CD covers are handmade from organic, bee’s wax coated paper crafted from a renewable source. The frames are handmade locally from rescued, recycled and reclaimed Australian timbers.

I am always striving to reduce my carbon footprint and to help animals in need, so I welcome any other suggestions!