Lyra's 2nd Birthday

It was my little, scruffy girl's second birthday on Saturday. I honestly cannot believe she is already two years old - seems like just yesterday she was a scrawny little thing you could fit in my handbag! We spent the whole day spoiling her rotten, starting with morning cuddles in bed, then midday cuddles, then .... oh, some more cuddles in the afternoon! We split up all the snuggling/ball throwing/toy wrestling with a trip to one of her favourite parks.

Later in the day her besties, Sabaka & Otis, and her grandparents came round for some doggy cake (might post the recipe up soon - it went down very quickly!) They also brought her a pressie - not sure if she enjoyed unwrapping the paper or the actual treats inside more! We finished the long day off with, you guessed it, more cuddles! This little ragamuffin makes me so unbelievably happy - sorry to be so gushy, but who can blame a furparent when their baby is growing up?!

Love you Lyra!!!