My Epiphany!

I have never been so excited and motivated and nervous as I’ve been in this month. Over the past few years I’ve worked my way around the world of Commercial Photography - fashion and weddings being my main interests. I love photography, but I always felt like there was something unsatisfying about the path I was heading down. I desperately tried to re-enthuse myself for a few months, but found that I was quickly losing my “mojo”. I stopped shooting personal work altogether, focusing solely on paid jobs (which everyone knows is the shortcut towards Disenchantment).


I spent 99% of my new free time playing with my 1 year old Wirehaired Pointer Cross, Lyra. Those with furbabies who rule their lives will relate to me here – all I want to do is be with my dog! My favourite time of day is our ritual trip to the park, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I did a lot of thinking about the days when I used to be so sure that my life would be dedicated to working with animals.

. . . What had happened to that dream? . . .

Then it just occurred to me one night, during a bout of insomnia keeping me awake until all sorts of unholy hours. I don’t even understand how I hadn’t thought of it earlier. I joke about it being an epiphany, but it actually really was.
I love dogs, I love cats, I love anything furry or feathery or fluffy. Why shouldn’t I combine my two passions?
In a frenzied rush of inspiration, I worked 20 hours a day for a week preparing for my launch of Ragamuffin (initially called Natural Pet Photography). I found my MOJO! I’m learning more every day, and am just lapping up everything I can about the scary world of small business. In my other photography, I sort of just fell into jobs. I can’t just fall into someone backyard and start taking photos of their pets though (well I could, but I don’t see that as being the smartest business plan!)
It really feels like everything has clicked into place. Pet Photography just makes perfect sense for me. It is dead scary to start something so new and unfamiliar after spending the last few years putting all my energy into fashion photography. Seriously? Now I want to turn everything around to photograph puppies?
Why yes, yes I do!
And so, this month has been incredible. I’m excited, I’m motivated and I’m a whole lot of nervous! But most importantly, I’m happy. I’ve met some awesome cats and dogs (and one very fluffy rabbit) so far, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!
xx Caitlin