Misty: Part Three

Part One :: Part Two :: Part Three :: Part Four She was losing weight. The little fat she'd put on when we first adopted her was gone and she was slipping scarily close to her pre-rescue weight. I felt sick in my stomach. It had only been six months and 8 days since we brought Misty home, but I feel like I've known her all my life.

I'm getting teary just thinking about how much I love her right now. I start bawling every time I listen to Ellie Goulding's version of "Your Song" (listen to it here), because it reminds me of her. She's usually in my lap when this happens, but she doesn't seem to mind the tears in her fur. She just cuddles in tighter.

"It's a little bit funny this feeling inside, I'm not one of those who can easily hide. I don't have much money but boy if I did, I'd buy a big house where we both could live.

And you can tell everybody this is your song. It may be quite simple, but now that it's done I hope you don't mind that I put down in words, How wonderful life is while you're in the world"

I'm a naturally anxious person. Combine that with a strong streak of perfectionism, a lifetime of overachievement and an apparent weakness for the word "no" and you can start to understand why every now and then the panic sets in.

Or at least, it used to.

Somehow, she seems to know exactly when I need her. She jumps up onto my knees, then stretches out her little arm so she is clinging to my shoulder. She starts purring and rubbing her face against mine. And just like that - my heart rate slows, my brow unfurrows and I can breathe again.

She has achieved what nobody else (not my family, friends, Johnny nor Lyra) has managed, despite well-meaning efforts. Misty, my Moo-bear, has made me slow down.


It is polycystic kidney disease. A rare genetic condition, the cysts on her kidneys would have started small at birth and have been steadily growing throughout her lifetime. Eventually these cysts cause kidney failure.

Finding out that there is no cure left us devastated. But she's now on a prescription diet and is gaining weight again. Her vet (Dr Jane Miller at Newtown Veterinary Clinic) has been nothing short of amazing in her care and attention of our girl. We will be eternally grateful. I don't know what is going to happen in the future, but my girl is on a path to better health.

Anyway, it's not her time yet. Life is too wonderful while she's in my world.


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