Happy Father's Day to furdads everywhere!

Happy Father's Day to furdads everywhere! And dads of human kids too, of course. I hope you all had an awesome day. We had a brilliant weekend in Melbourne - sun shining (finally) and the weather was even warm enough for a trip to the beach (well, not warm enough for the humans to swim, but the furbabies had a blast!)

Lyra was quite taken with her Father's Day present to her Dad - a bag and bumper sticker declaring that he's the Proud Parent of a German Wirehaired Pointer - of course! Obviously she's not a pure pointer, given that she's about half the size, but we like to think Lyra bear has pioneered a new SUPER-breed! The mini-wirehaired-pointer. Pure genius baby girl :P

She practiced carrying the to give to her Dad, then got sleepy and snuggled up with it. That girl does make me laugh.

She also got to spend the day with her cousins (resulting in crazy-wild-girl-excited-lyra). Lots of fun for everyone :)

I'll leave you with this photo from the beach trip. Bubba channelling her inner drowned rat with a face only a mother (and father) could love...