Earth Hour: Singed Noses and Resolutions

It was just Lyra’s first Earth Hour – and what did we think about all the candles? Apparently they were pretty awesome, but an important lesson was learnt re: the proximity of little wet noses to flames!

At 8:30pm the lights all went off, and I settled down to read a good book by candlelight. Obviously Earth Hour isn’t just about that hour of turning off your lights – it’s about grouping together to think about our collective actions and their effects on the world. Go Beyond the Hour and change something in your life that can benefit out earth, even just a little something.

Some actions we could all try:

  • Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room
  • Layer up in winter instead of using heating
  • Use public transport instead of your car
  • Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient ones
  • Give up meat
  • Make an effort to recycle
  • Say no to plastic bags

We still haven’t replaced all of our lightbulbs with energy efficient ones, so this is definitely on the top of the Beyond the Hour list in our home.