Daylesford ~ A Ragamuffin Family Getaway

Some photos from our trip to Daylesford - a weekend with my two most loved, most hairy beings in the world! We stayed in the amazing (dog friendly) Italian Hill cottage with Daylesford Accommodation Escapes. Just myself, my Johnny and my Lyra-bear - utter bliss!

I sneakily shot a bit of video during one of our (many) walks, because I just love the way our little brown shadow trots beside us.

And here's some plain old snapshots - it was a little holiday after all! Johnny insisted on commandeering my camera, which was actually quite nice because now I have some photos of me and my girl. Now if only we could teach her to hold the camera, and we'd get some pictures of me and John!

After a very long day of walking. Yes, that is me in the dog bed. Don't judge, it's damn comfortable!

In case you can't tell, Lyra doesn't mind the odd cuddle up in our arms (even though, let's face it people, she's no toy-size doggy). It took me quite a while to train her to leap into our arms, but now it's one of her favourite tricks - she just loves it whenever we invite her on up!

Thanks to the lovely Hampels for this awesome trip <3