Sleep & Smile ~ Countrywide Cottages Package

Holiday Photography Package The sun flickers through curtains, dancing warmly on your face and you faintly hear the trill of rosellas in the distance. You hear your dog stir briefly, then settle back into sleep. You have no where to be, no rush, no stress and you decide to take a leaf out of her furry book, burying deeper into the soft doona with a sigh.

Later in the afternoon, I arrive. There is a flurry of excitement from your furry girl - I smell of treats and I am ready to play. She dances gleefully while you lace up your boots - she's not sure what she did to deserve three walks in one day, but boy is she keen! We laugh at her silly grin and head out the door.

While we walk around the beautiful bushland, I photograph the three of you. Your love and content is almost tangible. She races ahead, leaps off tree trunks and splashes through the lake. The sun starts to set, filling your photographs with a warm, soft haze. I photograph your dog doing what she does best - being herself! We take the afternoon as it comes - I have no where to be, no rush, no stress. Back to your cottage, we light the campfire outside (toasted marshmallow, anyone?)

When your girl settles by your feet, happily exhausted, I create my last portrait for the afternoon. It sums up your weekend away perfectly - the cozy glow of the fire, the rustic bushland, you and your partner leaning against each other and in between you both, right where she belongs, is your girl.

Countrywide Cottages and Ragamuffin Pet Photography


About the Sleep & Smile Package

I am so excited to announce the new partnership between Ragamuffin Pet Photography and Countrywide Cottages!

After my family and I treated ourselves to an amazing weekend away at Countrywide, I knew that it was the ultimate photographic getaway for any dog lovers. When did live stop being so gloriously simply? Settle into your four-star, dog friendly cottage surrounded by native bush, marvel at the incredible stars, glimpse the native wildlife or just sit back and relax by the fire.

  • Countrywide Cottages is located in the Aussie bushland of Bambra, 25 minutes north of Lorne and under 2 hours from Melbourne
  • Accommodation at the 5 Paw Rated Countrywide Cottages (click here to see the four pet friendly cottage options).
  • Welcome local wine and chocolates from Dinny Goonan Wines and G.O.R.G.E chocolates, home made human bickies and bird seed to entice the native birds to your verandah.
  • Cosy dog bed, blankets, bowls and home made doggie treats set up inside for your dog/s.
  • 1 – 2 hour photography session for you and your dog/s in the beautiful bushland setting surrounding Countrywide Cottages
  • 12 midday check out where available
  • Ordering Appointment to help you decide on your images (choose from 25 artist-selected proofs)
  • $100 voucher towards the printing of your beautiful new photos

$430 value for just $250 (in addition to the normal tariff on your accommodation)

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