Why Did You Start Your Business

Ragamuffin Pet Photography was featured on last week's serving of business inspiration from Hearpreneur. Hearpreneur is a member of CEO Blog Nation and the "Why Did You Start Your Business?" feature is designed to give us all a much needed boost of inspiration by reading about the unique stories and entrepreneurs behind small businesses.

"I started Ragamuffin Pet Photography because I recognized that so many pet lovers struggle to take beautiful portraits of their furry family that capture their soul & personality. Everyday snapshots are cute, but they aren’t lasting keepsakes that you want decorating your home. My business combines professional expertise, award-winning art and a passion for animals to create gorgeous, natural photography so that my clients can celebrate and remember their furbaby forever."

The Cats and Dogs of Melbourne Pet Photographer, Ragamuffin Pet Photography

These three are my more personal reason for starting Ragamuffin Pet Photography - the love of my dog and cats!