Cool Dogs ~ Keeping Buddy Cooler in the Heat

A Guest Post from Prasheel Shah, the writer behind Cool Dogs Although our scorching summer has finished, those of us living in Melbourne know that the weather is anything but predictable (and apparently it's still hot through most of Australia!). Hot days make for the perfect time to laze around in the sun with your adorable pooch. But, most of the times, we tend to forget our little one who needs a lot more care and attention in the heat.

Hot days can bring quite hazardous dangers to your dearest dog. To overcome this daunting task of pet care, especially during the hot Australian summer, you have to take little precautions. The most important rule to remember is that you should never leave your pet alone inside your car - it's far too risky ever with the windows rolled down.

Prepare a cool backyard for your pooch

We know, you must be wishing for a cool backyard when the weather is sizzling, but don’t sweat it. We have a cool plan for you and your cute little one. Now that the heatwaves have passed but the weather is still warm days, it is a great time to gel and have some fun with your pet with a cool safe setup around. Spend some quality pooch time in your own backyard or take a walk in one of the many leash-friendly reserves located around Melbourne. If you've got a green thumb, then make sure you use organic fertilizers with non toxic effects and keep your pets away from too many bugs to avoid infections (always check for ticks, especially during Summer and Early Spring, when the adults are most active).

By keeping your backyard puppy friendly, you can always add few exciting stuff to bring that twinkle in your doggy’s eyes. There are numerous of exclusive dog stuff available in the market and on line stores that includes an amazing dog mat which is completely waterless and has gel that keeps your little pup cool in the baking heat. This exciting pet technology works without electricity of water and refrigeration. All you require is this incredible cool mat for your pet. These portable mats can be used on beaches, floor and a perfect mate for your lovely newly groomed backyard.

After preparing a cool comfort zone, let’s take your dog to the fun zone in the regard, by adding some summer toys to it. There are a lot of hydro toys available for pets which are a complete combination of fun along with refreshment. These are cool chewy toys for hot burning days; it is made up of molded rubber and has foam which plays a vital role in absorbing the liquid and releasing it at the same time. It works amazingly to quench your dog’s thirst and dogs love to play with such chewy toys.

So, have fun and safe hot days with your little pooch! Stay cool!


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