ragamuffins of june


ABbie + teisha

Abbie and Teisha started life on puppy farms as breeders. They were handed over to Labrador Rescue at four years old and since then it's been a long, but hopeful journey for the girls as they gain confidence. They've become the best of friends and mean the absolute world to their Mum, who makes sure they get their beach walk everyday - rain, hail or shine!



Buddy is as stubborn as he is fluffy, but that floof is pretty darn cute so he gets forgiven! He's a happy little Corgi and what he lacks in leg length, he makes up in love (and ears!)



Frankie is a cheeky Whippet who loves to chase anything that moves (especially balls and birds - oops!) She's a curious little lady who runs the household. 


Gus, Bella + Bronson

The trio of adorable pugginess were all adopted from Pug Rescue Victoria. Bella is a bossy, cheeky gal, crazy Gus is totally adored and Mr Bronson is the calm teddy bear of the family. They bring joy, love and laughter to their humans every single day!


LUNA + Spider

Luna and Spider are two rescue puppers who live out in gorgeous Gippsland with their five chickens, five cats, blue tongue lizard, rainbow lorikeet and fish (oh, and their humans presumably fit in there somewhere too!)

Spider was a crazy boy in his youth, but he's settled beautifully into his senior years. His sister Luna has been working on her social anxieties since being adopted and has come leaps and bounds!


Milo and Mia

Milo is a 6 year old spoodle who lives with Mia, his 5 year old Havanese dog. They are totally adored by all the humans in their lives. 



Mocha is a clever little lady who loves to sit in the passenger seat with the wind in her long black fur. She enjoys playing with balls and demanding that her Mum scratches her belly (at all times of the day and night!)


Roxie and Roobarb

These sisters were adopted together from the Cat Protection Society, after being abandoned and left at the shelter. They've grown into sweet, confident girls - Roxie loves to jump on shoulders (leaping from the bed or a table!) and Roobarb adores her sister, kissing and cleaning her at every chance (but also enjoys polishing off Roxie's dinner!). 



Saydee was adopted from the RSPCA at 9 months old. She's been blessed with irresistible puppy dog eyes that let her get away with almost anything (how could you say no?!)

Despite battling cancer, her happy smile never fades. She loves going for walks, anything that squeaks, being the centre of attention and just generally running amok!


Yoshi, koopa, Maple and KIRA

What a family! Yoshi, Koopa, Maple and Kira (from right to left) are all totally adored by the humans. Yoshi, the Japanese Spitz, is the spoilt one who would rather hang with people than pets. Koopa, the Border Collie, is the energetic smart boy with a brain full of tricks. Maple the chilled out bunny, wears a little bell around his neck so he can play with the others without getting stepped on. And finally the newest addition, rescue kitten Kira, is the snuggly one - she loves to get right up in your face and she adores her bunny brother.

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