Waiting ~ Fine Art Series

I'm one of those people who can't resist dogs waiting patiently, and sometimes not to patiently, outside stores. I spot them ahead of me, tied up to a nearby lamppost, bench or bicycle rack. My eyes widen. My pace quickens. I approach the pup, hold out my hand to get a sniff of approval and *YES* a little pat to brighten my day. I love it when I see dogs waiting. It'd be AWESOME if we could take our dogs into stores with us. Since they can't, at least waiting dogs get a nice little trip out and about. I have to admit I don't take my girl out nearly as much as I should (lazzzzzzyyyyyyy).

One thing that I love noticing about waiting dogs is the fact that they will NOT tear their gaze away from the direction of their beloved owner. That gaze is so full of unconditional love! It's one of the sweetest expressions I've ever seen, so I couldn't resist shooting a little mini-series. I've called it, of course, "Waiting".


So thank you to the lovely owners who took their furbabies out for a trip, and thank you to the sweet dogs who put up with the crazy-dog-lover :)


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