San Pellegrino ~ Cafe Society ~ Exhibition

Last week I had a blast when I tottered along (I always totter in heels. Very graceful and ladylike, that's me!) to Sketch in Docklands for the annual San Pellegrino Cafe Society Exhibition. Several months ago I collaborated with Faye Colls, the wonderfully grand and theatrical lady who runs Coffee Darling in South Yarra. I wanted to capture the iconic Coffee Darling metalwork and contrast the elegance of South Yarra with a certain scruffy pup. Faye was an absolute daaaaarrrrrrrlllllliiiiinnnnggggg (drawled in an oh so South Yarra manner, of course!) when it came to letting us take over her gorgeous cafe. The final piece was, of course, titled "Lady and the Tramp".

Some outtakes:

Lyra loves to share kissies :)

Channelling her inner-calf

At the exhibition:


p.s. the lovely model, Kirra, does not totter in her awesome heels...


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