Anti-BSL Series ~ Melbourne Pet Photography

  The final series of portraits for Ragamuffin Pet Photography's "Misunderstood: A Plea for Sense and Education" project.

Mia's Portrait will be exhibited in Federation Square for the Melbourne Fractal Project - read more about that here, or check out the awesome exhibition in person from the 18th-30th November.

You can also purchase a 2012 Calendar here: 100% of the profits raised go towards Halfway Home Animal Rescue, so you're supporting two great causes with one gorgeous calendar!

I have to wholeheartedly thank all the beautiful dogs and their families who were involved in this project. It was touching to photograph such love between the dogs and their parents, and to meet such sweet souls!

Breed Specific Legislation in Victoria (and around the world) is dangerous and unfair. By focusing on the appearance of a dog, the legislation endangers public safety by failing to promote responsible dog guardianship, failing to punish bad behaviour and failing to listen to the science or the experts. Breed Specific Legislation propagates media-driven hysteria and misunderstanding about certain dog breeds (it's the Pitbull now, but previous breeds have included the German Shephard, the Rottweiler and the Bull Mastiff).

Breed Specific Legislation has never been shown to reduce the number of dog bite incidents. It has been tried around the world, and failed repeatedly. This legislation also unfairly punishes the owners of well-behaved dogs. These owners should not have to worry because their dog is deemed dangerous based purely on it's appearance.

The Calgary Model, and other "deed not breed" legislations, promote stronger enforcement, tougher licensing programs and better dog safety public awareness (thank you to Brad Griggs from K9 Services International for the links). Deed Not Breed laws have significantly reduced the number of dog bite incidents (attacks in Calgary are the lowest they've been in 25 years).

We need to focus on Deed not Breed. We need to establish fairer, safer systems. We are pleading for sense and education.

Click here to see more about the exhibition.