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Photography Packages for local pet businesses

As a business owner myself, I completely understand the important of setting yourself apart with engaging, natural imagery. It's one of the smartest investments you can make for your small business. However, I also know that the prices of commercial professional photography can make taking that next step impossible!

That's why I've designed my Fetch More Business Photography Packages, specifically with Melbourne pet businesses in mind. 

It's really easy to hide behind your business and the dogs you work with, to put your business first and promote, promote, promote. But if you want to inspire brand and business loyalty, I'm here to tell you that you need to get personal and put your face out there. People really do want to know who they are buying from, nothing builds trust with a business or brand faster than personal stories, insights into your daily life / behind the scenes of your biz.

Your clients love you and they are loyal to you. They trust you and they know that you genuinely care about their furry best friends. So let's create some amazing photography that tells your unique story in a way that creates a personal connection with your customers (and sets you apart from your competition!)

When your business, your products and your services are showcased with gorgeous, natural marketing photography, their value increases for your client. Let me use my expertise in photography, social media, marketing and branding to help you gain priceless momentum for your small business.

I'm passionate about working with pets and supporting my fellow local entrepreneurs - let's team up and create something pawesome!


Fetch more business photography packages
What's included

15 digital files

Week-day photoshoot

~ At Williamstown Botanic Gardens
(other oradditional locations can be organised)
No time limits - we'll work together until we've got it all!
~ Typically results in 30-40 photos and variations for you to choose your final shots from

~ Portraits of up to 5 people (no cheesy poses!)
~ A group photo (if applicable)
~ Behind the scenes/action/lifestyle shots
~ Additional "stock" photos tailored to your business
~ 5 x facebook "banner" optimised photos

Files are rendered as both high-resolution for printing
and low-resolution for web.
Additional digital files can be purchased.

All files are professional retouched, including digital leash removal if necessary.