It looks like it might rain for my session - what will we do?

If the weather isn't great, we can definitely reschedule (there is no extra rescheduling fee). I prefer to wait until the afternoon before or morning of our session to make a final decision, since Melbourne’s weather is so indecisive! However, if you have other plans on our session date (e.g. you are taking time off work for the shoot), then we can certainly reschedule further in advance - whatever suits you.

Rescheduling does happen fairly frequently (especially during Winter), so I just ask for your patience in finding the next available time/date. If it's a rainy week, then I may have lots of clients who need to reschedule.

What should I wear?

Choose: ~ An outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable, but also slightly dressier than your everyday look (e.g. jeans and a nice blouse or shirt, a summer dress etc.) ~ Clothes that you don't mind getting dirty (this is very important - you will almost definitely be sitting or laying on the ground) ~ Ladies should bring a spare pair of flats to walk in, if you want to wear heels (we may do a lot of walking)

Avoid: ~ Shorts (knees look funny in photos) ~ Logos on sweaters/shirts (these are distracting) ~ Contrasting tones to your pets (e.g. don’t wear white if your pet is black, or vice versa. If they shed, we don't want white fur all over your black top, plus it makes it the photographs look nicer if you're both in similar tones)

What is included in the session fee?

The session fee covers the photoshoot, 3-5 days of post-production back at the studio and your followup Ordering & Viewing Appointment. It does not include prints, digital files, or albums - these are all available to purchase at your Ordering Appointment. Prints start at $65 and the full price list is all on the website here:

Should I groom my dog before the session?

A good coat brush and wipe of the eyes to remove sleep is always recommended, but please don't worry about having them groomed if that isn't in your usual routine (unless they are particularly dirty before our session!) The only thing to watch out for is a long "fringe" - you might want to have that trimmed, so we can see their eyes.

Also fair warning: I can almost guarantee that they'll get muddy during a Ragamuffin Session!

I need to reschedule my session! How can I do that?

Easiest way to reschedule your session is just to use the reschedule link automatically sent to you when we first booked in your date. Just let me know if you need that sent to you again.